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    Target Audience - Who do you think your target audience will be for the campaigns. Facebook has the most advanced targeting platform in the World, so it really helps to narrow down who we are going to send the ads to. For example, we could target CEOs that live in Houston, TX that drive Porches.

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    What is your client’s PROBLEM? Every client has problems which you already help them to fix. We need to talk directly to the problems.

    How can you show or position yourself as an AUTHORITY?
    EMPATHY – Show that you’re in their corner. So something like, “I know how you feel” or “We understand your position since we’ve been there.”

    AUTHORITY – Show that you’ve been there and done that. Something like, “We’ve solved [EXTERNAL PROBLEM] for thousands of people just like you.”

    What is the PLAN that will help your client with their problem? Name your plan if it isn't already. For example, at Marketing Heroes we have a four stage framework that we use to help our clients grow called the 4R Marketing System.

    What does the client’s life look like after working with you? (SUCCESSFUL RESULT) Something like “Increase revenue to where they want it to be”

    What are you helping the client avoid? (TRAGIC RESULT) This will be some sort of tragic result like “losing business, missing opportunities, or getting beat by the competition.”

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