No matter how well-designed they are, ecommerce websites constantly struggle to convert customers. Studies performed by market researchers and retargeting services show that in spite of high traffic levels, only 5 to 6 percent of viewers actually put something in their cart and of those, 67 percent are abandoned.

With the average ecommerce conversion rate a mere 2 percent, you need an effective means of improving this rate. Onsite retargeting is one of the best methods for helping you, as a retail seller, capture a higher percentage of these carts before they are totally abandoned. These simple techniques used by retargeting management experts can help you bring in more sales.

1. Improve Results with Multiple Pop-Ups

Rather than putting all sales and offer information into a single overwhelming popup, experienced retargeting management specialists suggest breaking down the message.

Offer a broader message first. If the user clicks to get more information, then request a signup or present a more focused offer. Visitors respond more favorably when required to make only one decision at a time. Attract their interest first, then ask for more information or promote a sale.

2. Personalize Retargeting Messages

Marketing research on retargeting services points to personalization as being an important factor in seeing success with this strategy. General messages are fine initially; however, once a user shows some interest, onsite retargeting efforts should become more personalized. Text, offers, and highlighted products displayed in onsite pop-ups will perform better if they are more relevant to the specific user.

3. Highlight Easier Conversion Goals

When losing the customer altogether is in the balance, effective retargeting management should include offering easier conversion goals. Even though the main goal is to make a sale, try promoting some other offer like free information, a newsletter signup, or more compelling offers or discounts.

4. Use Onsite Sticky Notes

Another effective retargeting technique is using onsite sticky notes and nanobars. Keep any relevant offers visible at all times and increase the chance that users will finally click and take advantage of them. Use stickies to remind visitors of offer codes, signups, free information, and limited time promotions they can profit from if they order right then.

5. A/B Test All Parts of the Retargeting Message

A/B testing is one of the best ways to test primary retargeting messages and determine the most effective approach for each type of viewer. To further gauge the user and increase the chance of conversion, retargeting services should also A/B test secondary messages. Different visitors respond to different things. Always try a variety of messages to see which one is the most effective, even after initial interest has been generated.

As an ecommerce website owner, you need to understand the importance of onsite retargeting and how it can help you bring in more sales and reduce the number of abandoned carts. When used as a part of complete retargeting services, onside popups, stickies, and other reminder and offer messages can sometimes be the perfect element to push customers into finally completing their purchase. Skilled retargeting management experts can help you obtain the most benefits from these strategies and achieve more sales!

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