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A great way to gain the attention of potential customers online is with pay per click ads. When used effectively, pay per click can help a company get their name in front of audiences that are most likely to click and more likely to become actual customers. There are many different ways that PPC marketing can be used, creating the question of which are the most effective ways to use various types of ads.

With the 3-part strategy outlined below, marketers can address target audiences at multiple stages during the search and buying process, leveraging the right types of paid ads at the right times for the greatest success.

Paid Ads for Search

At the beginning of every prospective customer’s purchase journey is the search phase. This is where they become aware of the various options available to fit their needs. Since this phase usually begins with Google, marketers must think about using pay per click ads based on how audiences will actually search for what they need.

Long tailed keywords are commonly used during this stage of the process, although it is also important to consider main phrases in order to attract a wider audience that is just beginning to gain awareness of their product or service. These search terms may offer lower ROI in comparison to more fine-tuned choices; however, they are still useful for pulling in audiences that have not yet reached the stage of full awareness of their options.

After searchers have become actual customers, pay per click for search is extremely useful in customer retention through remarketing.

Paid Display Ads

Display ads are useful for attracting the attention of those who are just becoming aware of their needs. They further hold this attention once audiences have progressed to the consideration stage. By using Google’s display network, marketers can effectively target users who have entered the second part of their purchase journey with images and more detailed information.

Retargeting users who have clicked search or display ads with more display ads serves to keep this interest, pulling in more interested users who are still looking for solutions. It can also be used to deliver ads highlighting related products after a purchase has been made as a means of retaining the customer.

Paid Ads for Social Media

Pay per click for social media can accentuate PPC for search and display, or work well on its own. Since each social media platform provides its own tools for creating and retargeting with pay per click ads, it is easy for marketers to plan a campaign that targets and then retargets the right audiences.

Social media campaigns can be used to generate interest and awareness initially by targeting followers and likes, then easily fine-tuned to retarget users that are in a more defined stage of consideration. Those who have interacted with a page or made a purchase can then be further filtered for retargeting, to maintain interest and increase the possibility of additional purchases.

The important thing to remember is there are many ways to use pay per click ads to get the best exposure from targeted audiences. Whether using pay per click for search with broad keyword choices, or retargeting past customers with display ads on social media, PPC advertising is one of the best ways to get a brand in front of the right audiences in the most cost-effective way. Marketers can see success with all types of PPC ads provided they think in terms of raising awareness, aiding consideration and decision making, then retargeting with the various ad platforms!

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