Easy, efficient navigation is a prime factor that ecommerce marketing services must develop to ensure retail websites perform well. With so many pages to deal with, an ecommerce marketing company must accomplish this by using a number of techniques, including the use of breadcrumbs. 

While breadcrumbs may not be as important for other websites, they can significantly improve onsite navigation on ecommerce marketing websites.

What Are Breadcrumbs?

As the name hints, breadcrumbs leave a trail on a website that can be followed. They are a secondary form of navigation that can be used to help users on a website determine where they are so they can find their way back to pages they have already visited.

Some designers swear by them and others argue that breadcrumbs are unnecessary navigational elements. Based on how they work and the benefits they offer, they are something you should consider using on your ecommerce marketing websites to facilitate navigation and improve sales.

Breadcrumbs Help Ecommerce Website Users

Retail websites designed by an ecommerce marketing company display hundreds or thousands of  products to viewers interested in buying those products. The best way to get a user from the home page to the shopping cart is a navigational system that lets them find what they want.

Unfortunately, when searching through so many pages to find specific items, users can become easily frustrated if they get lost and must continually go back to the homepage.

As an ecommerce marketing service, using breadcrumbs can alleviate this problem by giving users a convenient link trail to follow. Rather than having to start from the beginning and go through all the actions to search again, users can simply go back to previous sections in a single action.

Potential customers who can faster and more easily find desired products are less likely to leave a website due to frustration during a search. Like other techniques used to simplify navigation, breadcrumbs contribute to lower abandoned shopping cart rates and higher sales.

Breadcrumbs Also Help SEO

In addition to making on-site navigation easier for the user, as an ecommerce marketing company you will also see some SEO benefits with breadcrumbs.

  • A breadcrumb link trail functions as on-site linking, which can speed up web crawling and indexing.
  • It also provides a good way to get relevant keywords on category and product pages.

Both of these things are basic, yet essential factors in ecommerce marketing website optimization and higher ranking in the SERPs.

The development of effective retail websites with good sales focuses on providing users with easy and convenient navigation. As a company that offers ecommerce marketing services, one way to do this is by adding breadcrumb links to your ecommerce marketing web design.

As simple as these links may seem, breadcrumbs have proven to increase website user-friendliness and generate more sales. As an ecommerce marketing company, use breadcrumbs to improve on-site function on all your websites and take advantage of the SEO benefits as well!

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