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Banner ads comprise a large portion of all online advertisements. When properly designed and used, they can be highly effective since they are hard to miss on a webpage. Yet success with banner advertising depends on creating the right type of ad, as the improper use of these ads can lead to decreased rather than increased traffic. By following the easy tips referenced below on how to create the best banners, a company can expect to obtain the greatest response, without the worry.

Shape, Size, and Placement

Banner ads are designed to span across the top of a page; however, their size and shape should not be ignored. There is a fine line between too large and just large enough. Ads that are too large will turn viewers away more than they will attract them. Research on effective ads suggests that while larger ads definitely get more attention, they should span the page width without being too tall. Wide ads on the thinner side seem to work best for a company. In addition, Google has also suggested that the best placement for banners is incontestably at the top of the page, or at least somewhere above the fold.

Simplicity Wins

Even though banner advertising occupies a large space on the page, putting too much information into these ads is detrimental to the message. Keep banners simple and easy to interpret, with a direct, single message and Call to Action. Remove questions, make the ad's purpose obvious and what users should do. Appealing design that is not too busy or filled with graphics and unnecessary text should be avoided. Use the ad to generate interest and produce a click, not to tell the entire story before the user even enters the site.

Design for Effectiveness

Designing banner advertising can be tricky. There is a lot of space to use, so many feel they need to fill that space. What is more effective is using the right fonts and images, in the right order and sizes, to keep the ad easy to read while promoting the message. Be careful with text size and font style; be sure to consider the various devices on which the ad may appear. Avoid embellished typefaces and text that is too small for audiences to comfortably read. Create importance by using size and bold color rather than more words; keep any images simple so they are easily understood.

Include All the Right Essentials

While including too much information is a main concern when designing banner ads, so is not including enough of the right information. Even while striving for simplicity, these ads should always include a few important elements, such as: company logo, a single headline to grab attention, a relevant graphic or image, and a bold Call to Action. A combination of the right image, typeface, and colors are what is necessary to create a great advertisement that will attract users and increase clicks.

Used successfully by many websites, the trick to great banner ads is being noticeable without being offensive. Great banner advertising requires designing the best layout to display the message and encourage a click, which is something that will differ from company to company. By sticking to these important tips, marketers can achieve the most successful banners that are simple, attractive, and to the point!

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