Reputation is everything in the business world; it’s one of the main factors customers use to make a purchasing decision.

Unfortunately, every business will sooner or later deal with an unhappy customer who seeks to damage that company's reputation.

Online reputation consultants have proven invaluable in helping businesses favorably resolve these situations, allowing them to retain their positive reputations.

Keeping your company’s online reputation positive and dealing with potential issues along the way involves an investment in online reputation marketing.

When you understand how significantly a blow to your brand’s name can affect your business, the value of reputation management using various leveraging techniques becomes clear.

1. Establish Brand Consistency

The first factor in online reputation marketing is to establish consistency within your brand so that everyone from employees to customers understands your company’s purpose, message, and what to expect from the business.

Consistency in visual branding, product quality, customer service standards, and more establish a baseline of what is normal and expected at your company, allowing you to build a positive business image.

2. Claim and Manage Directory Site Listings

There are numerous free directory listing sites; whether you want to use them or not, online reputation consultants stress the necessity to find and claim them so you can control and benefit from them.

Fill out directory listings with correct, complete business information to prevent some other company from taking control over a listing in your brand’s name and damaging your company’s standing.

With control over these listings, your business will also gain increased audience exposure plus the ability to monitor and manage reviews on these sites.

3. Make Positive Local Connections

Having constructive connections with other local businesses and organizations is another factor that can help reputation management efforts as well as project a favorable company impression.

Customers view it as a positive sign when other noteworthy businesses and people are willing to compliment your company with a citation.

Monitor citations and maintain NAP consistency to help search engines connect those citations to your business.

4. Seek and Manage Customer Feedback

Customer feedback plays a huge role in creating a positive business reputation, which is invaluable for show others that your business can be trusted.

Seek testimonials and reviews from customers and take the time to recognize that feedback to show engagement.

If any bad feedback is posted somewhere, address it immediately in a problem-solving manner and attempt to make an unhappy customer a happy one.

A critical element in effective online reputation marketing revolves around how businesses respond to negative feedback and how well they turn any negatives into positives.

5. Stay on Top of SEO

Just like directory listings, there are ways that your competition could affect your business SEO and knock your listings out of upper page ranking.

Online reputation consultants find that underhanded marketing techniques including the use of false reviews can cause secondhand damage to a company’s reputation making another business seem more favorable.

Some Parting Thoughts on Reputation Management

Online reputation marketing supports the idea that if customers don’t trust your company, any other marketing strategies are less likely to work.

When you make reputation management an element of your overall marketing strategy, consultants find that you’ll see the ways it can definitely leverage your online reputation!

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