Want to gain more personal injury clients?

The fact is, no matter how effective your website’s SEO is, your site’s visitors aren’t going to convert into leads and become your satisfied clients unless they spend enough time getting acquainted with your business.

But, there’s a crux your digital marketing has to overcome. You see, you may be able to bring people to your site through organic search and paid ads, you may even have watertight landing pages and engaging content.

However, thanks to the nature of web browsing today, which tends to consist of short, digestible sessions, most people, as in 98% of your visitors, leave before committing to anything.

And, let’s face it, 2% of your web traffic isn’t enough to help you grow your business. You need to bring some of those other visitors back.

Retargeting targets people who already know – and probably like – your law firm

That’s where retargeting comes in. It’s the tool you can use to bring your most-likely-to-convert web visitors back:

  • They are already interested in your personal injury law firm – that’s why they visited the first time.
  • They already have a positive impression of your business – that’s why they clicked on the retargeted ad.

With retargeting, you can more narrowly target your customer base, increase your ad relevancy, and lower cost per click expenses.

Which basically boils down to more clients for fewer marketing dollars.

It’s a win-win for everyone. Even your potential future clients are open to this type of digital ad – 85% of online viewers are either neutral to retargeted ads or appreciate them because they are reminded of a product or service they were already thinking of.

  • Click through rates for retargeted ads are 10 times higher than display ad CTRs
  • Nearly half of search engine marketing professionals think retargeting is the most underused marketing technology

What can you do to take advantage of this potential?

If you aren’t already using retargeted ads to bring back your web visitors, you can get started today. We can help you with setting up your remarketing campaigns and managing them. If you are already retargeting but aren’t getting the conversions and growth you should be, we can help you get those amazing results.

Right now, we’re offering a free Facebook Pixel Setup.

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What are the benefits of retargeting?

With retargeted ads, you can increase your conversion rates and acquire more clients. It also helps to bolster your brand by reminding potential clients that your experienced personal injury law firm is there for them – all they have to do is click on that retargeted ad.

Retargeting can support your SEO efforts and help to streamline the marketing funnel, landing interested customers further along the funnel so they can convert faster – and you can get to work helping them with their personal injury case right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to do so we can set up your pixel?

Facebook will create your pixel code. You can have it sent directly to us so we can put it on your website for you.

What does a Facebook pixel do?

Once we set up your Facebook pixel, we can measure your results and optimize your audiences, which means even better targeting for all your ads in the future.

What if I already use retargeted ads but they aren’t getting results?

We can help. Even with the streamlined nature of retargeted marketing, there’s still a lot of work to do to track and measure your campaigns. We can keep a close eye on your retargeting efforts to make sure you’re getting the best value for every dollar spent.

Don’t give up on the web visitors who don’t convert right away. You know your services are worth it. So do the people who checked out your law firm but weren’t ready to commit on that first visit. They just need a little reminder to get the ball rolling.

Let us help you make that connection smoother with smart retargeted ads.

Sign up today for your free Facebook Pixel Setup and let’s get started.

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