Results Based Marketing for Roofers

Does your roofing business get a steady stream of new customers day in and day out? Marketing Heroes helps roofing companies get new customers on a pure results only basis!

Only Pay for Results!

You read that right. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars per month on marketing in hopes that it will work.

We put our money where our mouth is and send you customers day in and day out – and then and only then do you pay!

No Out of Pocket for You!

Gone are the days of paying up front for leads or marketing. Pay us only after you’ve had a chance to talk with your new customers so there is no out of pocket on your end.

No Long Term Contracts!

We only work with partners who are completely happy and want us to grow with them. So we decided not to have long term contracts with our performance based marketing packages. If you don’t like what we’re doing – no problemo!

No Risk at All!

If we don’t perform, you don’t have to pay! Yes we realize it’s a little crazy, but we’re shifting the marketing paradigm and only getting paid when we perform. If we don’t send you quality customers – don’t pay us! It’s that easy!

We Have New Customers for You!

We are constantly building properties to drive traffic to our partners, so it’s highly possible that we already have digital assets already in your area that we can drive to you instantly. If not, then we’ll set them up and start working once you give us the “Go Ahead”.

We’re Exclusive so Lock us Up Before Your Competition Does!

Hey we want to work with everyone, but we found that’s just a recipe for disaster. So we decided a long time ago to drive exclusive customers to all of our roofers! All calls will come directly to you and not to your competitors.

With that being said, we only work with one partner per city, so become a partner now and be the only Roofer in your city to receive customers from us.

Proof We Know How to Drive You New Customers!

Below is a chart of the leads we drove to a partner in a city in Texas in the month of May of this year. As you can see – we killed it. This partner got a little over 180 qualified leads that month.

Chart of How to Get 6 Leads Per Day for Your Law Firm

*Note: Chart updated on 6/2/2016

Get New Customers Now!

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    When I first hired Marketing Heroes over five years ago I knew nothing about websites or internet advertising. They taught me the importance of building and maintaining a strong internet presence to improve my business. By following Marketing Heroes’ advice my business has exploded. I cannot thank them enough. The Marketing Heroes team is always extremely courteous, professional, and responsive to my questions. I have grown to trust the Marketing Heroes team, and highly recommend them. They truly are my personal Marketing Heroes. If you are interested in growing your business there is no better place to start than with Marketing Heroes.
    Reynaldo Garza III