Losing 98% Of Your Website Traffic?

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting Example

facebook-retargeting-exampleYou know when you go to a website and you notice ads following you around? That’s retargeting – also known as Remarketing.

Up until a few short years ago, this technology was only available to the big players like Amazon. Now this technology is available to small businesses as well.

How Does Retargeting / Remarketing Help?


When people go to your website, it’s possible they weren’t ready to make a buying decision right then. That’s why your conversion rates are low. Retargeting / Remarketing ads will increase those conversions up to 20-30% to leads or sales by following the “lost” visitors to get them back to your website again and again!

How Can We Help With Retargeting / Remarketing?

Marketing Heroes are experts when it comes to retargeting. It’s probably why you’re on this page to begin with! Call us today at (979) 314-7067 to discover how Retargeting can increase your website conversion rates!

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