A great blog that works hard for your business is one that is updated regularly with quality content. Although how often this is done will depend on your audience and require research, it is a well-known fact that continuous publishing works best for attracting viewers and achieving higher pagerank.

Creating all those great blog posts takes time, time that you may not have since you've got a business to run, after all. Why not outsource? When you do, your business can gain all the benefits of blogging without it straining your schedule.

Blogging Can Help Your Business

Blogs are one of the most valuable tools that any business owner has to expose their business and attract new customers. Studies on business blogging indicate that regular blogging will help your SEO and get you better results with organic search and bring in more traffic.

Blogs help to gain a higher pagerank in the SERPs, which is important because over 90% of all searchers stay on the first results page. 33% of those searchers only click on the first link.

Posting only 2 blogs a month results in as many as 70% more leads, increases authority-building inbound links by as much as 97%, and generates a higher rate of conversion than websites achieve without blogging. Based on these statistics, the value of blogging should be obvious.

Creating Quality Content Takes Time

Given the many benefits of blogging, it’s definitely something you want to do. Yet creating quality content that achieves good SEO and works well takes time and experience.

It begins with researching your audience and defining what topics are of most interest, then writing blogs that are optimized for search. Blogs should include other content as well as text blogs to keep up the interest and encourage interaction and sharing.

You could generate your own blog content rather than outsourcing. Before you do, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions to help you decide:

  • Do you have content writing experience?
  • Do you have good grammar and general writing skills?
  • Do you understand how content should be presented to your specific audience?
  • Do you understand SEO and content optimization?
  • Do you actually have the time to devote to the content creation process, which can be time-intensive?

If you cannot honestly answer yes to all of these questions, you will probably see better results from your investment by outsourcing. After all, your time is also money. The professional content you pay for will outperform other mediocre content posted simply to keep your blog and social pages active.

Outsourcing Blogs Kills Two Birds with One Stone

When time and content creating experience are important, outsourcing blog content is a great resource for business owners. In doing so, you can keep your blog active with regularly posted content, reach out to your audiences frequently enough to build brand awareness, and provide valuable information that builds trust and authority.

When you’re trying to focus on all the other duties you have in running your business, trying to write your own blog posts is just one more task that could end up suffering. You can avoid these problems and make sure your blog works hard for you through outsourcing.

Even if you have great content ideas and know a thing or two about SEO, chances are running your business eats up most of your time. Rather than struggling to find time to write blog posts that will perform, especially if writing optimized blogs is not your strongest skill, outsourcing can be a more cost-effective solution. You can spend time working on other aspects of business knowing your blog will be updated with content that will get you results!

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