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Search engine optimization is and has always been a key factor in online marketing. Today, many search engine optimization services agree that SEO is continually changing in order to keep up with the continuous changes with Google. Yet others suggest that search engine optimization marketing is not as different as it is touted to be. The truth is, both groups are probably right.

SEO Is Changing

There is no arguing that as Google’s search algorithms continue to become more complex, search engine optimization marketing is changing right along with it - it has to. With newer, more capable search engines that can actually think, learn, and more accurately predict what users want, SEM techniques must be more thoroughly developed to account for this.

The increased use of AI and voice search, for example, means search engine optimization services must now think like their audiences and in a way that corresponds with how today’s search engines think.

Certain elements like title tags and individual keywords are not as critical in SEO today as overall keyword concepts and entities that keywords, keyphrases, and content topics create. In this sense, it is easy to agree that search engine optimization is continually evolving, following the changes presented with each new search algorithm release.

SEO Is Staying the Same

At the same time, it can also be said that SEO is not really changing as much as many believe since the basic principles of SEO are the same as they have always been. The goal of search engine optimization is still to get page rank using the known factors to create it, which is a well structured, prioritized website that is crawlable, functional, and provides high-quality, relevant content that is carefully keyworded.

To attain these goals, you must still use the same techniques as before. Even though search engine optimization marketing methods have been altered somewhat to accommodate the continual changes in the search algorithms, all techniques still rely on the important basics. All SEM requires the same solid basis that has not changed throughout the evolution of SEO.

What Does All This Mean?

When you look at SEO from both angles, it is easy see why both opinions are correct, yet in different ways. The basics of SEO are still the essential basics today and what continues to be required for good optimization. This is something Google reinforces, even with changes being made to the algorithms.

At the same time, search engine optimization services have had to mold their marketing techniques to ensure those basics are still effective with the newer algorithms. The basics are not changing; however, the way they are used and applied is changing.

So, what does this really mean for search engine optimization marketing today? Simply that the tried and true elements that have always laid the foundation for good search engine optimization are still important and without them, SEO will suffer. Search engine optimization services must keep up with the newer ways these basics must be applied as algorithms become smarter and more focused on serving the user!

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