As the internet world becomes even more mobile, there are many challenges for web designers, particularly when designing for the best SEO In College Station Texas. A mobile search is different than a search performed on desk or laptop computer, partly because of the mobile app design and the queries frequently made using mobile devices. Mobile search is evolving, as is Google’s recognition of mobile-friendly websites. These two factors are essential in obtaining good SEO results and staying ahead of the competition.

Mobile Search Today

For a while, most mobile searches were local – people searching for things in their own cities and towns while on the go. This is still a large percentage of all mobile searches; however, more recent findings indicate a trend beyond local queries. More people than ever are using mobile devices for price shopping, online buying, and other non-local needs; over 40 percent of users rely on their mobile device exclusively for all searches. With 50 percent of all users now using only mobile devices, this number can only be expected to grow.

This means that no matter what someone may be searching for, the searches are occurring more and more on mobile devices – something all web designers must recognize. The need for a mobile-friendly site has never been greater. On top of that, Google has begun to recognize that mobile-friendly websites with effective SEO efforts provide better mobile searching for the growing mobile-only demographic.

Google and Mobile Searching

As we are seeing more substantial use of mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites for everything from research to retail, Google – having spent recent years rewarding websites that work seamlessly from desktop to web with higher visibility – has recently begun rewarding such sites in other, more prominent ways. Now, when search queries are entered into Google, searchers will find mobile-friendly labels indicating where to have a better mobile experience with a particular website. It is like a Google thumbs up – or here in Aggieland ‘gig-em’ – for mobile-optimized websites and apps.

This brings about two main considerations: First, it is more essential than ever for a business to invest in a mobile-friendly website or app. Second, it suggests that in addition to existing efforts to obtain optimal College Station SEO, a company must continue to work on complete mobile optimization rather than just local in order to compete for good ranking and for that extra thumbs up in being mobile-friendly.

This is a new idea in the beginning stages; however, the obvious point is to bring more business to those who strive to create the best mobile-friendly search experience, which is what Google and mobile users want. More importantly, these mobile-friendly labels will likely improve search ranking over time, making this something every business owner should notice. All searching will likely be affected, at least from with this newer Google approach; so working for the best SEO and mobile optimization efforts will certainly be more essential than ever.

It is difficult to say what kind of effect Google’s mobile-friendly labels will have on website ranking as a whole. At the least, it should be a wake-up call to all companies who do not already have some sort of mobile-friendly website or application. The challenge of staying on top of the search results to achieve the best SEO in College Station becomes more significant every day; from a best user experience viewpoint, these ideas make sense. Google’s continual effort to showcase the best, and let the rest filter to the bottom, must be recognized by all!

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