Want To Grow Your Law Firm’s Personal Injury Practice?

The solution to more traffic, more clients, and business growth starts, ends – and evolves – with good SEO. The reality is, if your website isn’t optimized for search engines, your potential clients can’t find you.

Sure, your online presence is there. You may have even invested a lot into establishing your website. But without the nuts and bolts, the technical details, and all those subtle yet powerful nuances of SEO expertly put in place, those people who are searching for a good personal injury lawyer don’t realize you exist.

Because your SEO isn’t good enough to get your site on the first page of search engine results.

Here’s the real problem with neglecting your SEO:

All those potential clients who could be signing up for your email newsletter, reading your blog posts, and filling out your online contact form are taking these all important steps on your competitors’ websites. They are landing on the personal injury sites with great SEO, the ones on the first page of search results. Not your site.

Which means you’re missing out on the bulk of your market.

  • The sites listed on the first page of Google search results generate, on average, 91.5% of search traffic
  • More than 40% of revenue is captured by organic traffic
  • 73 billion phone calls will be generated by mobile search alone in 2018

And if you hit the jackpot because of your consistent commitment to SEO and become the first Google organic search result, you’re primed to capture 32.5% of your niche’s traffic share!

Free SEO Audit*

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Ready To Move To Page One?

Stop letting 91.5% of web traffic pass you by! With a well-optimized website, you can land your personal injury website on page one and keep it there.

We’ll be honest. SEO takes grit. It requires skill and experience to understand how to get your site on page one and to recognize what’s holding your site back and what’s driving it forward. But it’s totally worth it.

What Can You Do?

If you want to not just improve but perfect your site’s SEO, you need to know where your site stands right now and how it can be better served with the right SEO techniques.

We’re offering a free SEO Audit, valued at $497, which includes a detailed SEO report of your site.

What Do You Stand To Gain From Our SEO Audit?

You’ll learn what can be done to optimize your site. We can then create a strategy to help transform your site’s SEO from ‘not making a difference’ to ‘transforming your business.’

We want you to be totally psyched about the SEO Audit.  If you have any questions regarding your audit, please give us a call at 979-314-7067!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in an SEO audit?

A: We take SEO extremely seriously because we know how it can become the engine of business growth. When we audit your site, we’ll roll up our sleeves and look under the hood so we can generate a detailed analysis of how your site is currently performing.

Q: What happens after the website audit?

A: Once we do an in-depth analysis, it’s solution and action time. We will explain what the problems are, how to solve them, and why. Then we can create a tailored SEO strategy that will revolve around your industry, your target market, and your law firm to help you take advantage of all the opportunities online, from boosting web traffic and lead generation to engagement and trust building through social media.

Q: Why is an SEO audit important?

A: The SEO industry is always changing. So is your industry and your market’s wants and needs. With a professional SEO audit, you can ensure your website is up-to-date and search engine friendly so your business can be first-page worthy.

Q: What if I don’t have time for SEO?

A: Your website’s SEO is a big deal but that doesn’t mean you have to devote your time to it. You have personal injury clients to help!

That’s where we come in to make a positive difference in your life. Let Marketing Heroes take care of your website’s SEO so you can go back to saving the day for your clients.

Ready to find out what it’s like to be the law firm on the first page of search results?

Sign up for your free SEO audit today!

Free SEO Audit*

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