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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll contact you periodically with some really cool stuff – mainly educational because we love to give value to our clients and potential clients.

Since we’re Heroes – we love to help. We will never sell your information to anyone – ever.

We need your email so we can send the report to you. We will follow up with you of course because we love helping people rank their sites and fixing things. It’s kind of our mission.

However, if you don’t want us to contact you, we completely understand. We don’t like to be spammed either. So feel free to use a burner email address if you like. ;-)

The SEO Score Report is a descriptive report of a single page. It will tell you everything that you need to know that is wrong and give you a detailed checklist of things you can either do yourself or hand over to your webmaster to fix.

We’d love to help of course, so if you need help fixing all of the items in the report – please email sales@mheroes.com for help.

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