Every good business owner knows the best way to please customers is to listen to them.

You can find out what they want and need, what they like and don’t like about your business.

Then you can use that information to improve your ability to serve them.

Well, listening doesn’t just occur on a one-on-one basis or only at your place of business.

Social listening is similarly important as it will reveal all the important information you need to improve your customer service and actually sell more.

What Is Social Listening?

Also called social monitoring, social listening is basically a marketing technique that involves seeking out conversations on social media and making contributions to increase or improve a brand’s exposure.

It is done by first seeking conversations by searching for specific mentions, keywords, or phrases in the comments on social media and then joining the conversation.

Brands can use this method to educate people, engage with audiences, and build overall brand recognition and reputation, all of which helps to gain more sales in the long run.

Why Is Social Listening So Important to Your Business?

Social listening is more than simply snooping on conversations and seeing what people are saying about your business.

In actuality, this type of monitoring and engagement provide some very important benefits that you can use to improve your marketing strategies and be able to better serve your customers.

1. Improved Customer Service

When you know what people are saying both positive and negative, you can better help them.

Social listening gives you the means to increase engagement with your customers to improve their view of your brand if you are visible and reachable.

2. Competitive Edge

Marketing research suggests that more than three-fourths of all businesses do not participate in social listening.

That means they are not responding to customers online, engaging with them in a positive way, or using social monitoring to help them improve customer services.

If your business does all of this, you will gain customers.

3. Develop Relationships with Influencers and Advocates

Social listening offers you a chance to see who is advocating your brand and influencing others simply through their own conversations.

You can develop relationships with these individuals and find ways to reward them if they continue to spread the word about your brand and products.

The best people to find are the ones who already believe in your company.

4. Increases Sales

When you use social listening to engage your users, respond to them, and help them, they feel valued as customers.

Companies that actively use social listening see 20% to 40% more in sales per customer.

5. More Cost-Effective

Social listening and handling customer issues via social media can be a more cost-effective means of providing customer service than any other method.

It is less expensive than providing customer support by phone.

Additionally, the employees providing that service find their jobs are more pleasant when offering support through social media versus traditional phone support.

There are many ways that your business can benefit from using social media in your online marketing strategy.

One of them is through social listening, a method of engaging your audience, learning more about them, and helping them.

When you actually monitor what’s being said online, you can assist where needed and improve your company to best serve the audiences you want to be your customers!

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