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With 2017 soon coming to an end and a new year on the horizon, this is a great time for social media marketing companies to consider how social media marketing has progressed this year. Some significant trends have developed, while others have faded out.

If your company offers social media marketing services and you want to get a head start on 2018, be sure you are already making the most of this year's main trends.

  • Live Video - Video has always been a draw in any kind of online content. Video now goes even further, offering popular live streaming content on sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Since its beginning in 2016, nearly half of all social media marketing services have experimented with video and based on the positive results, this will continue to be a hot marketing activity.
  • Ecommerce for Social Media - Facebook has become one of the most preferred platforms for advertising because of the rise of social media. To expand on this idea, social media marketing firms can now sell directly from their ads on these platforms and see success. Users familiar with this type of advertising are increasingly looking for easy ways to find and purchase products quickly from their social media accounts.
  • Instagram - Every social media marketing company knows that Facebook is king of all things marketing. Yet right behind it is Instagram with ecommerce, video, and expiring content. It is quickly positioning itself above Snapchat, which is disappearing. 

Expiring Content

Snapchat initially introduced expiring or ephemeral content, which is content like images and videos that are only viewable for a short period of time. This is now instrumental in getting user attention faster than ever before. This idea is growing quickly and has been adopted by Instagram. Because this has been so successful, expiring content may be something your social media marketing firm wants to consider to obtain more followers.

Audience Lines Blurring

Social media has become such an important component of the Internet as a whole that the lines between social connection and various user groups have started to blend. The Internet is more connected than ever with more users adopting social accounts and using them alongside many different websites. Audiences are getting older as users age; however, using social media is easier and more normal for everyone in today's world.

Brand Influencers

Social media marketing using brand influencers such as notable names and faces is also on the rise. Brands are marketing very successfully to those who follow these influencers, thereby gaining followers and increasing their sales as a result. Today’s popular social platforms make influencing easy.


Your social media marketing company may be managing more accounts in an effort to effectively spread content and advertising since automation is becoming more widely used. Development of automation software is growing as demand increases. Marketers such as you are always looking for ways to do work more efficiently with more with social media.

This year has been a big one for social media marketing services, with many newer trends developing or taking a firmer hold. Going into 2018, your social media marketing company should explore the ways you can implement these important trends into your social media marketing campaigns to remain competitive. While there are always new trends developing, many of them come about from audience response to existing trends!

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