One of the best things about social media is that when you make a great post that really appeals to your audience, it can go viral and spread all over.

To do that, your posts need to be really eye-catching and stand out from the crowd.

If you put some extra effort into your graphics and images, your posts will rise above the crowd of all the other posts that look like a wall of text going down people’s feeds.

Try these tips on making and using great graphics and turn your posts from boring to breathtaking overnight.

1. Use A Variety of Graphic Content

While photographs are the obvious go-to, using a variety of graphical content can get your posts more attention.

In addition to photos, use charts, infographics, videos, typography, and any other graphic elements that fit the mood and message of your content.

Post different graphical content with each post to prevent your page from looking stale with the same thing used each time.

2. Make Some Memes

A great meme can really get attention for your social page and your business. People like memes, especially when they’re funny or witty.

Create some great, attention-getting memes that are relevant to both your company and customers, then watch them take off.

3. Turn Quotes into Great Visuals

A great quote or fact within your content deserves highlighting; a good way to do this is to make a visual quote.

Using a nice background and a font that portrays the feeling of the message, make a graphic that will attract attention and inspire viewers to read the rest of your post.

4. Use Animated and Ephemeral Content

Animations have always been a great option for grabbing attention and drawing in more readers. Include .gifs and other short animations that support your posts or even ephemeral, disappearing content.

When you include content that can only be viewed for a certain amount of time, readers will start clicking your link to make sure they see what it is you’ve uploaded before the little video is gone.

5. Create Emotion and Curiosity

When choosing or taking photos for your content, consider ones that build the mood of your content and create an emotion in the reader.

People are more likely to read and share content that moved them in some way.

Photos that leave the viewer wondering what is going on are also great for getting the viewer to read your content in order to answer the question and share with others who have the same curiosities.

6. Feature Your Customers

Another great way to improve your content with unique photos is to encourage your users to submit images of themselves using your products.

Not only will these photos act as great testimonials for your company, they can also build positive brand exposure when people see others featured as valuable customers who are important to your business.

Your featured customers will likely share your page with all of their followers, too.

7. Use Hashtags with Imagery

Hashtags are an essential part of social sharing. They raise awareness and increase the visibility of your photos and your company.

Create lots of relevant hashtags for your image posts so your content will show up in many searches, exposing you to even more viewers.

Before you make your next post on social media, have you included some creative graphics?

With so many great ways to create interest and grab attention using photos and other graphical elements, you’ll breathe some new life into otherwise boring social media posts!

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