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AB Split testing is something we do here at Marketing Heroes; we have this motto drilled into our brains “Test, don’t guess!” What does that mean? It means we test everything, especially in ads. It also means when we’re working on something for you especially with paid advertising, we aren’t going by feelings or something we pull out of our hats. We are going by data.

What Does Split Testing Do?

Split testing is science for marketers and personally, I nerd out over data and experiments. It’s testing something against a control. With pay per click ads, we usually start with two ads that have identical text but a different image. After some time such as a week, 2 weeks, a month or more, we can go back and determine what image had the best results. Then we’ll keep the ad with the winning image, duplicate it, and change something in the text, such as the headline. Wait again, see which text performs better, then wash and repeat over and over, constantly improving the ad.

What’s the Point?

To find what works. You’d be surprised to know what you think will get the most leads with your pay per click ads ends up being the losing element or vice versa, what you think will win really does win!

I Have a Winner - Now What?

Once you know what wins with your audience, you can apply that to your website and landing pages. Let’s say you’re testing one of your pay per click ads with your logo on it and the logo is red on one ad and purple on the other. You run a test and find out your red logo overwhelmingly got the most clicks, likes, etc. Now you can replicate that across your website and other material.

Test Anything!

You can get really granular and test almost anything. Google Experiments allows you to test web pages. Some things that you can test on web pages are:

  • Images
  • Image placement
  • Calls to Action
  • Call to Action button colors
  • Calls to action placement
  • Form placement
  • Wording

It’s limitless really. Split testing allows you to have concrete evidence of what works and what doesn’t work. No one engaged with your pay per click ad with the cartoon image? Now you know to never ever use that image anywhere. More people filled out the form on the page that included a video? Now you know to use video on your other pages.


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