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Facebook has quickly become a heavy hitter in effective social media marketing. Offering one of the largest collective audiences of any social website today, Facebook has an attractive advertising platform that social media marketing firms receive great results. Creating the right Facebook ad campaign does take some good planning; however, by using the simple tips that follow, marketers can easily boost their number of quality leads.

Study Target Audiences Well

Whatever the platform, great results from online advertising requires careful study of the target audience. Learn what audiences want and what motivates them to react and to buy. Learn about the problems they are trying to solve and how to offer the right solutions. The more relevant an ad is to a user’s need, the more high-quality leads it will bring through social media marketing. It all begins with a good understanding of the target audience.

Use Landing Pages and Facebook Pixels

Social media marketing firms can use effective landing pages to attract attention to the company or product. These simple, yet highly effective pages funnel interested viewers into a website to either make a purchase or take advantage of some kind of offer. Add a Facebook pixel to easily track audiences that click the CTA and enter the site. Add a pixel to any "Thank You" pages as well. When inserted into a standalone website, this bit of code provides an easy way to determine which audiences to target on Facebook.

Grab Attention with A Freebie

Offering a freebie that appeals to the targeted audience is a great way to attract attention to the above-mentioned landing pages to generate sales leads. The goal in doing this is for those who accept the offer to actually use the freebie and learn more about the actual product being sold.

Getting the freebie out to as many people as possible is important, as is tracking who decides to download the offer, whether it is an ebook, coupon, or even a link to a special video with the Facebook pixel. Both are instrumental in obtaining great results with social media marketing later.

Create Appealing, Targeted Ads

By using the information collected about which audiences have been attracted and who is downloading and making use of the freebie, social media marketing firms can begin designing and targeting relevant Facebook ads. Using the Facebook ad platform, create a new campaign and target it based on these findings, set relevant interests and filters, and choose the locations and devices where the ads should appear. To target more than one audience or a different set of filters, simply duplicate the ad, create a new campaign, then change settings as necessary.

Monitor Results and Modify

Once targeted Facebook ads are established, begin monitoring results to determine which targets and filters are getting the best results. Modify campaigns as necessary, then continue monitoring for any increase or decrease in lead numbers. Since this can be done quickly and easily within Facebook’s advertising application, improving ads and targets for greater results is simple.

Social media marketing provides huge exposure for businesses with a product or service to sell. The key to getting high quality leads with Facebook ads is by understanding audiences and effective ad targeting. By using these easy suggestions, social media marketing firms should have little trouble in pinpointing their audiences and filtering ads targeted towards them to take advantage of Facebook’s immense popularity!

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