Email marketing is an important and effective digital marketing tactic that every business should be using today to increase subscribers and stay connected to those most likely to become customers.

That said, a great newsletter is worthless unless it gets read by subscribers.

The best strategy for increasing open rates and ensuring your marketing newsletter gets read is to use an effective subject line and preheader to catch people’s attention.

What Are Email Subjects and Preheaders?

The subject line on a digital marketing email is the first thing that a subscriber sees, so it needs to be a good one that generates interest immediately.

If the subject line doesn’t do that, there’s a high probability the email will end up in the trash bin - unopened.

The email preheader, also known as the preview text, is a snippet of text that shows in the email box directly beneath or next to the subject line depending on how the mailbox is set up to view mails.

This text adds a little more explanation to the subject line as to what the email is about.

Used together, the marketing tactic of writing a subject line with a supporting preheader increases the chance that the email will actually be opened.

Why Are Subject Lines and Preheaders So Important?

The subject line and preheader of any marketing email is one of its critical elements that determines whether the mail gets opened and read or moved directly to the trash.

The strategy of using custom preheaders statistically increases open rates, which in turn increases conversion rates.

It’s the only part of the email that every reader will always see, even if they decide to dump the email, so those two lines are critical.

They need to catch the reader’s eye and make them want to know more.

How Do You Write An Effective Subject Line and Preheader?

The art of writing effective subject lines and preheaders is constantly evolving as audiences and digital marketing tactics do the same.

The most important detail to remember starting out is that these two text fields must work together to get the most response from them.

The preheader must directly support and reinforce what the subject is saying or asking by providing an answer or solution.

Tips for creating effective subject lines and preheaders in email newsletters include:

  • Question and Answer - Ask a question in the subject and provide a vague answer in the preheader.
  • Problem and Solution - Identify a user’s problem in the subject and let the preheader suggest that the solution is in the email.
  • 2-Part Header and Preheader - Put the first part of the announcement in the subject and continue it in the preheader.
  • Personalization - Personalize the preheader to catch the reader’s eye.
  • Subject Teaser - Write an intriguing, teasing subject line and partly reveal it in the preheader.
  • Ask for Action - Use a Call to Action in the preheader.
  • Take Advantage of FOMO - Put an offer in the subject line and a restriction or limitation like a timeframe in the preheader.

Take Advantage of Subject and Preheader in Digital Marketing Emails

Like all other marketing strategies that do take some trial and error to perfect, the technique of leveraging email subjects and custom preheaders can greatly increase the effectiveness of those e-letters.

Take advantage of this important digital marketing tactic to ensure your readers see those emails and are prompted to open them.

This dynamic email marketing duo will help your email newsletters get you results!

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