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Keywords have been a staple of search engine optimization since the very beginning of SEO. Every marketing expert knows that great results require the effective use of keywords. Yet there is more to keyword use than simply filling up content by using them. To achieve the greatest results with every type of search engine optimization marketing campaign, start out by ensuring that well-researched keywords are used in the following 9 essential locations.

  • Page Title Tags - The first step in generating good search engine optimization is creating effective web pages with optimized page titles. Doing this allows the title to appear in both the search link text and the browser tab. Page titles are one of the first types of code scanned by indexers and give searchers the first description of what they can find by clicking on a link in their search results.
  • Meta Description - In addition to page title tags, every page should have an optimized meta description that provides a little more detail about what can be found at the link. When well-written to include important keywords, these little blurbs improve results of search engine optimization marketing campaigns by bringing in the most interested traffic and helping to reduce bouncebacks.
  • Webpage URLs - URLs are visible to both users and web crawlers, helping each to easily find their way through a website. To the user, clear and simple URLs that contain keywords relevant to the page improves navigation and website function. Simpler, more concise and optimized URLs allow crawlers to find and index pages faster and more easily while building keyword relevance on a page.
  • Website Navigation - Navigational menu links serve as the basis of all pages on a website, dividing all other pages into categories based on the anchor text used. To further increase the effect that optimized URLs provide, it is essential that navigational links be considered in the same way, only using higher-level, categorical key terms.
  • Website Content - Well-researched and relevant keywords should appear in page content to build an important connection between page titles, meta descriptions, URLs and navigation links as well as the page itself. They should be used in both grammatically and contextually correct ways, within informative and quality body content in order to obtain the most attention from users and to improve search engine optimization marketing efforts.
  • Content Headers - Content H1 headers offer one more way for web crawlers to interpret the content on a page and relate it to the other places where optimized keywords appear. Each page should have only one H1 header which is generally used as a title to an article, blog post, or another content selection. Every H1 header on a site should also be unique.
  • Content Subheaders - Subheaders work in a similar way to main headers, so they should also include important keywords to improve website effectiveness. Subheaders H2 - H6 mark sections of content that are used to organize various ideas on the page, further aiding web crawlers in identifying the information on the page.
  • Internal Website Links - Internal linking is another effective search engine optimization strategy that is used to improve site crawling and indexing. It allows authority to be shared between more valuable and other related pages on the site. The internal links on a website provide essential link juice throughout the site and are anchored with a relevant keyword, thereby increasing overall marketing results.
  • Footer Links - The footer, which is a global element on every website, should be optimized to include important keywords whenever possible. Anchor link terms should be broad and categorical, yet also be relevant to the main purpose of the site. Links within the page footer act similarly to main navigational links and provide yet another means for improved site crawling and page indexing.

In today's world, effective search engine optimization involves many different techniques. Still, keyword use has remained an essential factor in search engine optimization marketing throughout SEO history. To improve SEO through better keyword focus, be sure to use optimized keywords in the right website locations!  

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