Lead generation is usually a very costly and time-consuming part of any marketing plan because it is a continuous process that never ends.

Lead nurturing via email marketing is a very successful technique, but it’s not without its issues when recipients pass over incoming emails or enclosed offers expire.

With a good lead generation marketing plan, it’s possible to re-engage some of those viewers and have additional chances to turn them into successful leads.

By incorporating these lead generation tips into the plan, businesses can continue to convert even older, unresponsive subscribers by piquing their attention again!

Vary the Timing

Research has been done to determine when is the best time to send certain emails to segmented audiences to achieve the greatest effect, times change and so do people’s habits.

Start sending some emails at different times or on different days to see if it’s possible to reach some stale contacts this way.

Focus On Relevancy

One way to increase lead generation from an existing email list is to segment that list and add relevancy by highlighting more focused ideas and topics within the broader topic that’s usually sent.

Though these pinpointed ideas may not be relevant to the whole segmented audience, they may be more relevant to some and prompt a response.

Offer Something New

If the email offers have generally been the same, whether it’s a free report, a discount, or anything else, use the lead generation strategy of including a different type of freebie offer.

In many cases, simply changing the content to include something fun like a game or contest, a poll, a sweepstakes, or something similar is enough to gain participation by the recipient and keep them watching for the next email.

Vary the Content Type

If the standard has been to send email newsletters or white papers or links to blog posts, change the content to add some variation and make things more eye-catching and interesting.

Incorporate video, change weekly newsletters to bi-monthly magazines with more content, and other similar things to give email recipients something new to look at that’s different from what they already know and expect.

Change the Sender Name

Another strategy used by lead marketing services to get more attention from those who have become accustomed to seeing the same old names in their inbox, try sending emails from different addresses and senders within the company.

This technique can also get emails back into the inbox if another address is inadvertently making its way into the spam box without the recipient’s knowledge.

Experiment with Subject Lines

An effective way to get a second look before an email gets sent to the trash bin is by including a better, more catchy subject line.

Try subjects that pique interest by mentioning a change, asking a relevant question, offering something different than what that viewer might expect, segmenting the topic to something different but still relevant to the viewer, and other similar techniques.

A fresh take on the subject line paired with some new, unexpected content can renew interest.

Don’t Give Up On Unresponsive Email Lists - Re-Engage Them!

Whether a mailing list recipient has converted in the past or not, there is always a chance to convert recipients in the future using the right lead generation techniques.

An important way is to make different changes to the emails being sent to raise new interest to what may already have become expected and ignored communications.

Using simple lead generation techniques like those mentioned above, any business can continuously squeeze out a few more hot leads from existing email lists by staying relevant and interesting!

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