The fact that fast loading mobile website pages is a critical SEO factor should be nothing new to marketers organizing paid advertising campaigns.

Last July, Google highlighted this fact even more by introducing Mobile Speed Score for Landing Pages specifically to help marketers using Google Ads pay per click advertising, formerly called AdWords, get an idea as to the performance of their landing pages linked to paid advertising.

What Is Mobile Speed Score for Landing Pages?

Introduced in July 2018, Mobile Speed Scores for Google Ads is a new tracking and rating metric that marketers using paid advertising on Google can use to measure the performance of their landing pages that are accessed after a user clicks on one of their ads.

Now integrated into the Google Ads platform, Mobile Speed Score allows easy reference to which landing pages are loading quickly and easily when users click ad links and which may be experiencing load problems.

Based on the understanding that faster loading pages serve the viewer better while improving business conversions and sales, Google created this tool to further assist companies using pay per click advertising in their paid advertising campaigns create fast-loading websites and landing pages that provide more favorable user experience.

How Does Mobile Speed Score Work in Paid Advertising?

Although it is not known exactly how this new algorithm works, much like many of the other Google tools available to marketers today, the simplest explanation is that it tracks user clicks made to paid advertising and then measures the time it takes the linked landing page to fully open for that user.

The algorithm mainly uses RUMs or Real User Measurements to score a page, not assumed lab data.

It is also thought that potential conversion rate as estimated by the algorithm goes into the calculation.

After collecting the data from multiple ad clicks, the algorithm generates a score from 1(slow loading) to 10(fast loading) for each landing page.

This information can be viewed using the PageSpeeds Insights tool on the Google Ads platform.

What Is The Meaning of Mobile Speed Scores?

Overall, Speed Scores reflect on the performance paid advertising campaign marketers can expect from their landing pages and the thoroughness of their optimization.

Yet it’s important for marketers to understand that Page Speed has become its own SEO category within the PageSpeed Insights tool.

PageSpeed Insights now shows a Speed score and an Optimization score, each of which should be considered individually and then collectively to assess how they work to improve each other.

Well-optimized pages can still receive low speed scores that could be affecting pagerank, conversion rates, and more.

A New Useful Google Ads Tool

Speed is essential for all websites and landing pages, including those linked to pay per click advertising because faster loading advertising pages serve the user better and increase conversion rates.

Recognizing this, Google continues to stress the importance of page speed with its PageSpeed Insights tool that tracks and calculates Mobile Speed Scores for paid advertising and linked landing pages.

Using this information, marketers can pinpoint problem pages in their campaigns and improve them which can improve overall pagerank and increase conversion rates!

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