LinkedIn is one of many social media services your business should sign up with since it can provide a great opportunity to build industry connections and gain essential brand exposure. Yet what many may not know is that LinkedIn can also play a valuable part in social media marketing when users take advantage of its article publishing features.

Look into these and other ways that social media consulting specialists can use LinkedIn’s business publishing platform and reap the rewards.

Use the Publishing Platform

LinkedIn offers businesses much in the way of building connections through its many discussion groups as well as by following and commenting other accounts. Social media marketing experts can obtain even more benefits by using its Pulse publishing platform to circulate longer and more detailed content.

The publishing feature turns LinkedIn into a social platform with an included blog, offering all the same marketing benefits of a blog. In short, any social media consulting specialists who are not yet using this, need to be.

Turn Published Pieces Into Marketing Pieces

Articles published on LinkedIn do not have to be informational only. Skillfully crafted articles published to this platform can also become an essential element of social media services by generating conversions and increasing followers. This can in turn increase brand exposure.

By including a call to action in every article such as an offer for a free download, consultation, or some other freebie, your company can attract more attention. Viewers are also more likely to click the follow button on the header of each published article, which allows them to keep up with your company more easily.

Increase Recognition and Prominence with Visual Media

Another great feature available to social media consulting professionals who use LinkedIn’s publishing platform is the ability to include visual media in the posts and headers. Images and videos can be added either into the headers to attract attention or into the body of the post.

Titles, headers, and body content can be formatted so it is visually appealing and professional. This type of exposure can help get your company noticed in the news feed and keep your brand recognizable.

Build Peer Networks

Publishing on LinkedIn gives social media marketing experts an easy way to build important business peer networks by mentioning them in quality, relevant blog content and linking to their accounts. In turn, many businesses will share posts with their followers when they are mentioned. With the added exposure of LinkedIn, your company can expand the reach of any original content, giving your network a chance to grow even further.

Share to Other Social Networks

Any content created for publishing on LinkedIn can also be shared on other social media services by simply posting a link to the article. This allows your content to not only gain more exposure on other channels but gain more views and comments on the original post as well. Its value and prominence will increase with more exposure, adding to the other benefits obtained.

Although LinkedIn is a social network that caters to businesses rather than customers, social media consulting experts can do much to obtain brand exposure and build industry connections with its publishing feature. When used effectively by social media services as a part of a social media marketing campaign, it will be as if your company had a second blog, one that is geared to different audiences to achieve increased marketing goals!

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