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Effective retargeting has become one of the most essential techniques for increasing conversions by targeting an audience that has already displayed interest. Marketing that retargets previous interaction has a much higher rate of success than any other type of online effort. Even so, it is important to use the most effective methods to take advantage of this type of advertising and get the most from it. Retargeting services should consider these various ideas to achieve the most success with their marketing campaigns!

Target Previous Interests

A great way to get customers, or even those who have simply shopped on a site, to take another look is to show them what interests them the most. Personalize ad retargeting to show previously viewed, previously purchased, similar or related items is often the best approach.

Make It Urgent

Use a call to action that can help those who have previously shown interest to complete a transaction. While showing previously viewed, or related items, enhance advertising by adding some urgency in the form of a limited offer or a last minute deal available only right then. This tactic appeals to everyone's desire to not miss a good opportunity, so it can sometimes work well for retargeting services.

Answer to Viewer Concerns

Based on the products a viewer has browsed but did not purchase, display ads that address their viewing history and remind them it can still be purchased. Rather than showing generic ads that display a company’s branding and other information that viewers already know about, show them the products they were considering and other solutions to address their needs to prompt a sale.

Offer A Special Deal

Besides last minute deals, retargeting ads should also offer other deals, discounts, and coupons to those who have shown interest but never quite made the commitment. Sometimes the idea of saving a few more dollars with an unexpected coupon could be just the motivation a shopper needs to actually make the purchase, especially if they have been searching multiple sites for the same product.

Point Out Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are a sign that the user intended to make a purchase but something interrupted and prevented them from actually doing so. Whether that interruption was due to something personal or because they decided to check prices elsewhere, reminding viewers that they were about to cash out their shopping cart may be just what is required to encourage them to conveniently complete their purchase.

Update to Keep Customers Coming Back

Another effective way that retargeting services can keep customers returning to make more purchases is to keep them informed of new items and promotions regarding items they have purchased or shown interest in. Reorder reminders for frequent purchases are extremely helpful, as are ads that showcase newer products of interest based on browsing history.

Viewers and previous customers are the easiest audiences to convince to make a purchase with effective retargeting. Using these different and creative ways to reach out to this specific audience, retargeting services can best  take advantage of past website traffic!

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