If you want a website that performs well and drives in quality traffic, you need to create great website content that attracts and serves your audience. There is more to creating great content than just picking a topic and starting to type. Use these 10 tips to create the amazing content that will drive traffic, build brand recognition, expand authority, and increase sales.

1. Carefully Plan Your Content

Create the best content for your audience through careful planning. Know what your website goals, what you must do to accomplish these goals, and what type of audience you’re trying to reach. Plan your content topics, types, publication schedule, distribution methods, and more based on these goals so it is most effective and helps your website perform.

2. Know Your Audience

Once you’ve identified your website goals and how to achieve them, study your audience so you can figure out how to best reach them. Research audience demographics, learn who is your ideal customer, and develop a persona that can help you understand the path your customer might take en route to making a purchase from your company.

3. Think Like Your Audience

The best way to communicate with any audience is to know how they want to be contacted. Determine how your audience likes to search, view, and consume content, then develop yours to fit these preferences. Deliver information using various types of content designed around serving your specific audience.

4. Create Casual, Conversational, and Social Content

Stay relevant with your audience by formatting content in a more conversational manner and presenting it in more casual ways. Develop content as if you were speaking directly to your readers; avoid more formal postings that can quickly lose an audience. Promote your content on social media and include social sharing buttons, and engage followers to build relationships.

5. Provide Answers and Solutions

To gain the most attention from both viewers and search engines, compose content in such a way that it answers a viewer’s question and/or offers a credible solution to their problem or satisfies their needs. Authoritative content that provides value in the form of valid answers and shows viewers how your company can solve their problem is going to elicit the best reaction.

6. Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Headlines are the first part of content that your audience sees and provides the first chance to generate interest in your website. Create concise, interesting, keyworded headlines that ask a question, offer information, or otherwise present to them the information they seek. This should convince them to click the link and visit your page.

7. Be Credible and Authoritative

The best content is believable, honest, correct, informative, and serves a viewer’s purpose. Such content will gain authority with your audience as well as other blogs and websites; it will also rank your website higher in the SERPs. Generate quality content and avoid over-promising to customers so that all those who come across your website will view it in a favorable light.

8. Present and Support A Clear Message

Hold your reader’s attention and provide them the most value by opening with a presentation of your message right from the start. Tell the reader what your content intends to show or do for them. Support your message by providing essential information in a step-by-step fashion throughout the rest of your post. End your piece with a short review of the message and your supporting conclusion.

9. Format for Easy Reading

Most viewers these days have limited time, limited attention spans, and are searching while mobile. Blog posts composed of multiple sub-headers to break it up, shorter paragraphs and sentences, as well as numbered lists and bullet points is preferable and more easily digested rather than longer, more formal, and time-consuming content. Format your content in smaller segments for easier viewing while still getting your message across.

10. Include Visual Content

In addition to breaking up text into smaller segments, get information across with visual content. Relevant photos, interesting and informative infographics, and short, entertaining video are all great for supporting copy to easily get a message across and keep it interesting. Visual content is also more memorable.

When you produce content for your readers in the ways they want to see it, that content will work harder for you. Create a successful website and bring in more customers by connecting with your audience thanks to great content that will help them solve their problems!