The biggest risk for SEO expert services when migrating a website to a new domain or CMS is the potential for the significant loss of pagerank.

Fortunately, website migration does not have to be an SEO disaster when SEO management is made a priority and the right migration process is used.

A smooth migration with little loss of pagerank is possible by using the following SEO help tips.

Preparing for the Migration

The most important stage of any website migration is the planning stage. With a good predetermined plan, SEO expert services can succeed with the migration and maintain pagerank.

  • Generate A Migration Plan - Identify the business goals and purpose for the site migration first in order to understand what type of changes and SEO management is required to maintain pagerank. Then develop a step-by-step plan for the migration so that no stone is left unturned.
  • Review Site Architecture and Content - Pre-migration is the best time to implement SEO help practices to improve the new site. Make sure all content is the best quality, remove duplicate content, manage on-site optimization, and make any other changes to content before it is moved to the new site. Review site architecture and plan for any changes by crawling the current site and using that to create a migration map.
  • Put In Redirects - Using your web crawl data to determine which links need then, put in 301 redirects throughout the site. Create a redirects map that you can refer to later to review everything. This may be the most time intensive step in the preparation process. Also put up custom 404 pages that direct users back to the main site.

Launching the New Website

SEO expert services will generally hold the launch of a migrated website until all redirects can be tested as functional, all content is cleaned up, on-page optimization is updated, and crawls as well as other analytical data are collected.

When it seems that everything is working the way it should be, the new site can then be launched.

Thorough testing beforehand can prevent the need for a rollback and the destruction of critical pagerank in the meantime.

After the Migration

Once the migration is complete, it is essential to go back and check all redirects, site architecture changes, and any other areas that may still need some SEO help.

Migration SEO management should also include checking to make sure on-page optimization was successfully transferred, testing site functionality on all devices, checking site speed, and doing other performance tests to compare current data the old site data. 

When everything is working properly and the XML sitemap is functional, it can then be submitted.

Using this process, SEO expert services can migrate most websites without a substantial loss of pagerank.

This is due mainly to the effective use of redirects, good site architecture, and effective optimization.

Once your new site goes live, standard SEO management techniques can be resumed. In reality, the process itself is fairly simple when you start with a good plan and implement the right SEO help techniques!

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