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I get asked every day by one client or another - "What's the one thing I can do to improve my marketing now?"

While there isn't one magic bullet to marketing and it usually takes months and months of testing to find out what works for one particular industry and company - there is ONE thing you can do to improve your marketing instantly.

What is it?

Let's start with a story.

There's this client of ours- let's call him John. He's a solo personal injury lawyer in North Houston. He call me three years ago wanting to know what he can do to improve his marketing efforts.

I did a bit of discovery, looked at his competition, his keywords, his rankings and determined exactly what to do.

We sat down and went over his marketing playbook and I showed him exactly what to do in the next year.

It included a competitive analysis of what his competitors was doing for Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Campaigns, Social Media, Blog writing, Drip Campaigns, Newsletters and much more.

The playbook also included exactly what he needed to do. It included things his competition wasn't doing and if he just did those items, he was virtually guaranteed to not only compete but dominate his market.

He paid me a one-time consulting fee for the playbook and went on his merry way.

Did he follow the playbook?

Because this is what I do - over the next year, I checked in with him periodically to see if he was following the playbook.

As you can guess, he wasn't. His excuse (because that's exactly what it was) was that he was just "Too Busy" to do everything in the playbook. In fact when it came down to it - he didn't do a single thing in the playbook.

So I suggested he hire my team to take over his marketing efforts and he agreed.

Enter - The 4R Marketing System

4R Marketing System

We followed our 4R Marketing System and worked on the following:

  1. SEO - Getting him ranked on Google for his keywords
  2. Maps Optimization - Getting him ranked on Google Maps for his keywords
  3. Google AdWords - Set up ads campaigns to get leads in while we waited for SEO to work.
  4. YouTube Rankings - We had him shoot a few education videos targeted towards his audience and we took them and optimized them for ranking on YouTube (the second largest search engine behind Google).
  5. Facebook Ads - We took the videos above and used them for ads targeted for John's target audience.
  6. Drip Campaigns - Once we got people to the website, we had a lead magnet that captured visitors email address and put them into a drip campaign sequence to get them into his sales funnel.
  7. Blog Writing - Writing is hard to force yourself to do so we wrote blogs on a consistent basis.
  8. Newsletter Management - We took the blogs above and sent out a monthly email newsletter to the people who had signed up on his email list to keep him top of mind.


And guess what? Magical things started happening. His phone started ringing and ringing and ringing.


Here's a graph of his leads:

Total Leads Personal Injury Lawyer Houston TX 2016

So What WAS the One Thing?

So after all of this - your questions has to be "What was the ONE thing?"

You probably guessed it by now - but it was actually DOING the work. John knew WHAT to do since we gave him a playbook of all of the above but was too busy to even acomplish all of the above.

I mean - it's a lot of stuff to do right? And if you're too busy running your law firm, how can you possibly have time to write blogs, optimized landing pages, build backlinks, run ads on Facebook and Google, set up drip campaigns, come up with a lead magnet, and send a newsletter our consistently??

You can't. That's why Marketing Heroes is here - to serve as your outsourced marketing team. All for the price of hiring one employee.

Need Help with YOUR Marketing?

If you're just like John above and aren't hitting your goals, then give us a call at (979) 314-7067 and let's set up a time to come up with your Marketing Playbook for 2017!