Where Is Local Search Heading in 2017?

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Heading further into 2017, local online search is becoming one of the most important SEO factors for businesses that cater to a local market. To improve search engine optimization, it has become essential that SEO services pay close attention to local search and use the techniques known to boost it. Fortunately, those techniques can be easily done to gain the best results with local SEO.

Consider the following ways in which local search in 2017 can be optimized and increased:

Meta Description and Page Title

Page title and meta description are important HTML details that are extremely helpful for tailoring search engine optimization efforts. When optimized for local search, these text fields grab the attention of both the searcher and search engines. A well-written, locally optimized page title and meta description can have as much effect as paid advertising, so always use this free space wisely.

Schema Markups

Structured data or Schema markups are another overlooked detail that is highly important for improving local search. Schema markups are a bit of code that, when added to any web page, provides critical information to search engines about what a business does and its customers base. SEO services should both utilize and optimize schema markup to include local details and other business information that will help Google interpret the site and include it in local SERPs.

My Business and Directory Listings

Between Google’s My Business listings and the many other business directories available today, local businesses have many opportunities to get free exposure by simply claiming them and providing information. These listings are important for getting a business seen, so it is essential to optimize them effectively and consistently. Claimed, verified, and optimized business listings also get more priority in the SERPs.

Besides Google My Businesses, manage listings at Bing for Business, Yelp, Citysearch, and other popular directories so that businesses show up in the SERPs and searchers find valid, useful information.  

Local Reviews

Besides claiming and managing business listings, SEO services should also encourage customers to leave reviews. Google likes to see customer reviews; they can be more effective for local businesses when they appear on business directory listings. In addition to My Business pages and other directory listings, reviews posted to a company’s Facebook page can help improve local search engine optimization.

Locally Optimized Content

It is still as important as ever to keep posting high-quality content; however, content should be locally optimized to improve local SEO. Publish content that includes locally optimized keywords and if possible, post about locally relevant topics. Optimize any images or other media used within the content and make more local connections by posting frequently updated, fresh content.

The key factor to improving local search engine optimization is increasing the ways that a business can be found when its location is searched. Using the methods noted, SEO services can easily optimize websites in vital areas that will get more attention and make use of important business directories. In this way, businesses will gain more attention from locally sourced searches from audiences looking to become customers!

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