The goal of online marketing in all forms, from organic SEO to paid advertising, is to have a brand’s website and name at the top of the SERPs and visible in all the places customers may be.

Many small business owners hesitate before investing in paid promotion, falsely believing that they don’t need it if they are employing other marketing techniques.

In truth, paid advertising campaigns should be considered a vital part of an overall online marketing plan because of the important value this type of advertising presents.

Before not including paid ads in your marketing plan, it’s essential to understand just how much paid advertising can work at drawing in more customers and growing your business!

It Expands Marketing Reach

The primary reason why every small business needs to invest in at least some paid advertising is that it expands market reach by magnifying your brand’s exposure.

When you pay for an ad, you can choose where to advertise and how to reach your intended audience as opposed to hoping your web pages be at the top of the SERPs page when a user searches.

You can place your ads on specific platforms such as social media or Google as well as other places where your target audience is active online.

It Is Highly Targetable

It’s much easier to target and adjust a paid advertising campaign through the advertising platform than it is to manipulate SEO practices to reach your desired audience.

While organic SEO will always be an essential part of online marketing, paid ads allow you to immediately target an audience and get the word out.

Additionally, your ads can follow existing and potential customers as they search the web through the use of retargeting and remind them that your business is there with the products and services they need.

Its Effects Are Easily Tracked

Unlike SEO for organic search, the results you get from your paid advertising is very easy to track using built-in analytics tools that come with the various ad platforms.

You can target, build, track, and modify your campaigns very quickly and easily, which makes it an efficient investment.

Finding the right combination of ad elements and targeting is a simple factor of experimenting, then modifying as the tracked results suggest.

It Builds Brand Credibility

Beyond the targeting and numbers, paying for advertising builds important credibility for your brand.

It allows users to see that you are invested in your company and willing to spend money to promote it in the right places.

It can also help your smaller business seem larger than it is, reducing the wariness that some buyers may initially feel when dealing with a small company.

You gain a fair chance to earn new customers and prove to them that your small business is every bit as reputable as a much larger one!

Consider A Paid Advertising Campaign

To gain the widest exposure for your small business and find active audiences ready to become customers, paid advertising can be an invaluable part of an overall marketing campaign.

Paired with an effective SEO campaign for organic search, paid ads help build your brand quickly, which then boosts your SEO efforts and completes the marketing circle.

With even a small investment in paid promotion, you can see your sales increase and business grow!

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