The goal of any content marketing service is to create and market quality content for a website that gets attention from both search engines and target audiences.

While SEO content marketing techniques are put in place to keep quality web pages and other resources ranking in the SERPs, this should not be the only focus when creating and optimizing that material.

A better, two-prong SEO marketing strategy to bring about greater website success is to create web pages that are not just rank-worthy but also link-worthy.

What Is Rank-Worthy Content?

Rank-worthy content is website material that has been planned and developed with the goal of getting good pagerank in the SERPs.

Since ranking with organic search adds value, authority, and exposure to those writings, SEO marketing strategies tend to focus around keywords, targeting, and finding the optimal ways to please the algorithm that will increase the times and accuracy that a page will show up in the SERPs.

Ranking involves content marketing based on user intent and predicting what users might want or be searching for.

This is the basis of almost all SEO strategies and the planning out of quality content that will rank well for a website.

What is Link-Worthy Content?

On the other hand, link-worthy content has been developed with the main goal of being valuable enough to certain other readers or businesses that they are willing to link back to it from their own websites.

They want to share your message on their site since it is relevant in some way.

Backlinking like this is extremely valuable for boosting the authority of those webpages and brand as well as the brand linked to it, this time through the implied approval and value gained from the linked content.

Content marketers who optimize to build backlinks strive to increase exposure and engagement with backlinks.

Does Striving For Both Matter?

Ultimately, even though using an SEO marketing strategy focused on ranking seems different than one focused on building backlinks, the two methods work very well together.

Link-worthy content marketing generates more quality backlinks, which then helps to build page value and recognition in the search algorithm.

In return, that more recognized page will generate more exposure and higher ranking, which naturally results in more backlinks.

Together, each method approaches different angles of the whole marketing plan to achieve improved results:

  • More exposure.
  • Greater authority and recognition among readers and followers.
  • Greater authority interpreted by the search algorithm.
  • Higher ranking in the SERPs.

Let Rank and Link Worthy Content Do Double Duty

With a two-pronged content marketing approach, it is possible to create optimized website material that does double duty for any website.

Marketing services that focus first on creating valuable and informative pages that are more likely to generate important backlinks while skillfully optimizing for search are more likely to achieve higher pagerank.

This strategy allows quality backlinks from other reputable websites to build ranking strength, which in turn continues to bring in more backlinks in a circular effect - what a deal!

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