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Ecommerce marketing has become an essential, yet very specialized sector of website marketing. As the number of online retailers grows, so does the need for skilled ecommerce marketing services that can achieve the best SEO results for ecommerce websites. To attain excellence, every ecommerce marketing company must understand certain critical SEO factors as they relate to ecommerce and put them to use.

Look Beyond Standard Keyword Research

Keyword use is different in ecommerce marketing than with standard SEO. To effectively choose keywords that reflect the different stages of the consumer buying cycle, an experienced marketing service will first compile separate user-targeted keyword lists that reflect:

  • Consumer Research - Seeking product information
  • Comparison - Product reviews and testimonials
  • Purchase - Ready to purchase specific items 

These keywords will then be combined with action words, such as buy, purchase, and order to create relevant long-tailed keywords. To prevent keyword cannibalization or pages on the same sites competing against each other because of the same keywords, ecommerce marketing services should also generate a keyword matrix to track all of the site’s many keywords.

Make Use of Schema Markup

Schema markup allows every ecommerce marketing company to ensure search engines accurately interpret product details so the right pages are served to searching consumers. Product and review scheme data should be included to structure this data and make it more informative.

Avoid Content Duplication

Content duplication can be a particular problem in ecommerce marketing. Off-site duplication can be avoided by creating unique descriptions for each category and product page, adding a Q&A section on product pages, and encouraging reviews right on the product page. Reduce on-site duplication by making sure that each product has only one URL, no matter how many categories where the product may be listed.

Improve On-Page Optimization and Site Speed

On-page optimization is critical for sites with a large number of pages. Ecommerce marketing services can improve optimization and increase site loading speed with SEO-friendly product page templates that include title, description, and H1 tags. Unique content should be generated for these fields. Site speed can be improved by optimizing images, reducing redirects, enabling caching, and using AMPs wherever possible.

Acknowledge Out of Stock Items

Letting consumers know that something is out of stock right on the website is efficient and promotes a better user experience. To do this, an ecommerce marketing company should include optimized out of stock pages that indicate when the item will again be available and offering similar options. They should also allow the consumer to sign up for notifications when a product is back in stock or that a product is permanently discontinued.

Get the Most from Crawl Budget

With so many pages to crawl, it is essential that retail websites make the best use of their crawl budget. The best way to do this is with a limited pagination bar that displays only a few pages at a time, with a ‘previous’ and ‘next’ option to improve page index frequency. All duplicate pages should be eliminated, broken links fixed, and redirect chains reduced. Keep the Sitemap updated, manage URL parameters, and de-index pages that do not need to be.

Create A Mobile-Friendly and Secure Site

The final details for achieving outstanding SEO with retail websites is with a fast-loading, user-friendly mobile site to accommodate the growing number of mobile shoppers; make sure your website is secure. Customers who feel safe using a website and can use it when they want will be more easily satisfied.

Although SEO for ecommerce marketing websites begins with the same basics as every other website, it is in the differences of how these sites function that dictates the need for more specialized ecommerce marketing services. By implementing the techniques mentioned above, an ecommerce marketing company can achieve SEO excellence and a successful retail website!

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