As a business owner, you already know the necessity of having an attractive, user-friendly website that can attract potential new customers and bring in business for you.

Does your website include customer reviews and testimonials that aid your reputation management?

Reviews are something that a lot of business owners forget about when having a website built; however, a reputation consulting firm can tell you that these are something your company needs if you want to be competitive in your area of business.


Because after you’ve done all you can to get users to your site and provided them with great info about your business and how you can help them, your previous customers can actually help you sink that next sale.

A good reputation is everything in business, so showing yours off with great reviews on your website is essential!

Why Are Online Website Reviews So Important?

Online reviews have become one of the most important marketing tools that any business can utilize to attract more business.

Reputation consultants and lots of research done on the subject agree that reviews from customers who have previously dealt with a company are one of the more trusted sources of information about that company.

Between 60% and 80% of all new customers search for them and most read multiple reviews to see what others are saying about a company before they buy.

Positive customer reviews help new customers make more informed, confident purchasing decisions.

How Do You Get Reviews On Your Website?

Getting reviews posted on your website is actually pretty easy; best of all, it’s free; all you or your marketing consultant has to do is ask for them.

While not every customer will submit a review, if you actively ask for reviews or even provide some sort of small incentive for customers to provide you with one, you will start getting some.

Posted to your website where new potential customers can read the honest words of your past customers, authentic reviews help build your company’s reputation and let customers see that your business is trustworthy and a good choice when making a purchasing decision.

Managing Reputation Using Online Reviews

Another great thing that reviews on your website do is give you a critical reputation management help tool for free.

By monitoring all the reviews and comments that come in from your current customers, it’s easy to respond with thanks to positive reviews or address any complaints in an effort to regain a dissatisfied customer’s trust by making things right for them.

Done in a setting that allows potential customers to see your company’s great customer service and how you care about their satisfaction, it can boost business reputation even more.

Add Those Reviews to Your Website Today!

No matter what your company does or who your customers are, online reviews and customer testimonials are a crucial part of business marketing that reputation consultants suggest including on your website.

Reading what other people have to say about your company, even if not every review is a 5-star rating, lets potential customers see all sides of your customer service, from the work your company does from other people’s eyes to how you handle the needs of& a dissatisfied customer.

Building trust in such a transparent way, you’ll reap the rewards of more sales and happy customers to then share their review for others to read!

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