The goal of social media marketing is to get brands as much exposure as possible among the followers who are most interested in what they have to offer. One of the many ways social media consulting firms do this is by building a peer network to increase brand exposure.

Peer networks comprised of social advocates provide important social media marketing help in the form of wider exposure, brand approval, and content that is kept moving in front of the eyes of followers. Best of all, creating one is easy.

Determine Content Sharing Goals

Peer networks are groups of individuals who may include employees, complementary businesses, active fans, and followers of your brand. These people, who are the most likely to share content, can become a key tool in social media marketing when specific, high-quality content is shared with them so it can be distributed even further.

Success in using this strategy involves working with social media consulting experts to first determine the goals of creating a peer network. Whether your goals are to keep content constantly moving on different social channels, build brand recognition and trust, share more technical or detailed content to certain audiences, or a combination of all of these things, this will help guide the selection and scheduling of various types of content.

Promote Easy Sharing

The most important factor in building a peer network for social media marketing help is that all content must be able to be easily shared. Sharing is the whole purpose of creating such a network. Make sure all content distributed on social channels and websites can be easily shared in a variety of ways to encourage participation.

In addition, build an email list of advocates and email all valuable content to them. Include easy methods for sharing as well. The easier it is for peers to share content, the more it will be distributed and the more successful social media marketing with peer networks will be.

Develop and Curate Content

With an initial network of contacts and followers to share with, social media consulting specialists must next develop the content to be disbursed. Typically, the content shared to a peer network will be somewhat different than that which is openly shared on social media. This is to keep from flooding all sites with the same content.

Make sure you are offering unique, high-quality content with the intent that it will be shared with those who follow the people or businesses in your peer network. High-quality content can also be curated from other third-party sources. Circulate content that is relevant to the specific network being built to increase shares.

Grow the Peer Network

Once you have begun circulating content to the initial social media marketing help network of peers, look for ways to expand. Find new audiences to act as advocates. Make industry connections that can be added to peer networks. Look for individuals who already share your brand’s content consistently and include them. Invite these people into the network to receive targeted content and keep things growing.

While social media websites make sharing content to the masses easy, some content can be used more effectively when distributed to a specific peer network. Social media consulting specialists who identify key audiences and build a network around them can greatly increase your exposure to the most interested audiences. A few good peer networks are great social media marketing help to include in any social media marketing campaign!

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