As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps many people at home and businesses closed, email marketing to generate online sales has become an essential technique in every company’s marketing toolbox.

Connecting with audiences is more challenging in these unique times, but also more critical than it’s ever been.

Fortunately with a well-planned email marketing campaign, you can reach your current audience and even grow it through effective communication that builds trust and authority, making sales more likely.

Be Considerate and Helpful In Your Emails

COVID-19 has touched people in many different ways, so it’s critical that email messages are written to display a balance of concern for the customer with promotional effort.

Email marketers can better balance that line by sending communications that recognize what’s happening in the world and affected customers while letting customers know that your business is still there and ready to serve them.

Advise of any changes to service that customers can expect, then highlight some ways the company might help them in these unique times.

Avoid sounding alarmist or inferring that customers must buy something now; instead take the approach of being a supportive friend who is sensitive to their needs and ready to help, avoiding a pressuring sales pitch.

Send Interesting and Engaging Content

Since the intent of your email marketing should focus on being helpful during a difficult time, send content that will attract a recipient’s attention even if they aren’t ready to buy immediately.

Provide informative content in a variety of formats within your marketing emails that encourage readers to open the email and click to interact with your website.

Highlight items that are appropriate for the specific customer or mailing list, products or services that would make the most sense to them during this difficult time.

Offer discounts and sales that will pique interest and identify newer customers who are shopping online with your company for the first time to explain how you can help them.

Avoid including images that could be inappropriate now such as those depicting group activities, carefree vacations, and others; opt to use more personal imagery with calming messages.

Plan Your Email Timing Carefully

Timing is everything with email marketing campaigns, especially during times like these when external events are affecting people in many ways.

Review your release schedule and email contents, adjusting as needed according to the demographics of your different email lists.

This could mean spreading emails out over a longer release schedule which could change the time that emails are sent.

If you’re selling products that have become more important while people are spending more time at home, you may even send more emails to keep your company and products in mind.

Do some testing to determine the best schedule for different lists so your emails get more attention without becoming an annoyance that causes them to end up in the trash bin.

Make Email Marketing A Winning Strategy During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for millions of people, at least temporarily, and made marketing products and services more problematic than it was before.

The good news is that email marketers who pay attention to changes that affect their target audience and use that information to communicate support can help that company stay afloat during these unsettled times.

An effective email marketing campaign that’s sensitive to an audience’s plight while offering them important and necessary products or services will be identified as a helpful resource to keep your brand on top in the SERPS's!

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