Email marketing is one effective means of lead generation that every business should be using.

In planning a useful email campaign that actually works, lead generation marketers typically use either what is called a drip or a nurture campaign.

Both involve sending multiple emails to the collected mailing list; however, they differ in when those emails are sent and what is the content of the message.

What Is A Drip Email Campaign for Lead Generation?

A drip email campaign is one where marketing services send multiple emails over a period of time to a subscriber list to introduce them to a company and its products or services in a gradual attempt to get the subscriber to convert.

These emails are generally non-specific to the individual subscriber, taking the entire mailing list through the same campaign of announcements and offers regardless of where they may be in the process of converting.

Two reasons why drip campaigns are so popular is that they are good at familiarizing new subscribers with a company and are easy to set up.

They are great for sending out sale or discount notices, special offers, renewal notices, cart reminders, and other more generic announcements that a company might use to bring in more high-quality leads or attempt to convert someone based on those more generic offers.

What Is A Nurture Email Campaign for Lead Generation?

A nurture email campaign is one where lead generation services send out emails that have been specifically curated for certain subscribers based on the activity they have shown on a company’s website and are in the buying process.

It involves doing more analytics to track user activity on the website, then responding directly to that activity to bring them back to convert.

The goal of a nurture campaign is to generate leads by sending more relevant information to the specific user based on factors such as how many times they’ve visited a site, what they’ve looked at on the site, what they’ve interacted with, downloaded, or registered for as well as other personal activity details.

Therefore, the sending of emails in this sort of campaign is more sporadic and triggered by user actions.

Which Should Your Business Use?

Since they are more personal and directed at specific actions, nurture email campaigns tend to get a higher response rate and are preferred by lead generation marketers for this reason.

They address a user’s actions based on where they are in the buying cycle, drawing them in further rather than just hitting them with random and generic emails trying to sell products.

This does not mean that drip campaigns are worthless.

Beyond their value for familiarizing a subscriber with a company, a drip campaign can be a valuable supplement to a well-designed nurture campaign by continuing to keep targeted users informed of other news and offers that may interest them.

Drip or Nurture - Which To Use

Of the two types of lead generation campaigns used by marketers today, nurture campaigns tend to do more for converting buyers who are interested but need a final push.

These are highly valuable leads for any company and the ones to pursue, although there is room for a good drip campaign as well.

Work with experienced lead marketers to develop a campaign that effectively combines both strategies when possible to convert the quality leads further along in the cycle while still attracting new ones at the start!

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