Selecting and using the best keywords is the cornerstone of search engine optimization; people browsing the web for a particular product are more selective – and able to search in a more detailed fashion with the very first search word or phrase that is input. That same person searching for a product or service also expects to find information with that first click on a link displayed on the search engine results pages. So content must be of a pertinent quality to supply what is being searched for, making quality content and keyword relevance the best building stones of desired website results. Gone are the days when cramming search terms into low-quality content to attract links can be done. Everything now is about focus – that is what will get the desired results.

Common Ranking Mistakes

The science behind keyword research and content usage is constantly changing with the fluid search engine optimization landscape. Google considers itself a primary controller of search engine results and is working continuously to keep junk off the SERP’s for a net effect of better ranking for good content. If a website is doing SEO the right way – great results can be found. For those not doing that, the results can be devastating.

So what is the main problem? Poor ranking often results from poor keyword use and its negative effect on content. Before anyone knew much about SEO or what it did, keywords amounted to any term or related form that was usually jammed into poorly written content that offered little useable information. Websites doing that currently will be banned by Google. Content now is judged by how pertinent and useful it is, not how often a keyword is used on a web page or in a blog article. How can this be avoided? It is only achieved by increasing focus on each web page as well as the entire website.

Focus – Essential for Best SEO Results

Today’s search engine optimization is a completely different animal than ever before – it requires content that can be read and actually used in order to be rewarded with good ranking on the results pages. Such results can only be achieved with focus.

Anything and everything related to SEO and page ranking begins with correct, informative content that readers value. Part of creating such content involves staying on topic, using skilled keywords related to the topic, and using it as a marketing extension tool.

So how can keywords be used proficiently to improve SEO, build content value, and work as a marketing tool?

  • Research – This cannot be stressed enough; having the right keywords can almost work miracles in SEO Land – using the wrong ones obviously works against any positive optimization efforts. Use available tools to learn which keywords bring the best results in a particular niche – don’t guess or assume – and test them frequently. Make changes as indicated for best search engine optimization.

  • Focus – The fewer keywords and phrases used, the better. Using fewer overall terms and instead using variations of the same term creates focus and concentrated keyword potency. It may take some creative methods to group pages together under similar search terms – but it can be done.

  • Marketing – This ties together the previous two points, illustrating why having a focused connection is so important. Marketing can be done with content-specific landing pages that keep focus on one specific idea or at least related pages with similar ideas that extend from the main idea or keyword.

  • Phrase Construction – The most obvious and essential keywords are the common ones – landscaping, pet supplies, lawyer – that do present a challenge because so many other websites are trying to rank for them also. The best tip here is to create long-tailed key phrases out of the basic ones, such as best landscaper in My Town; good beds for large dogs, nutritious Pet food, or real estate lawyers in My Town. The phrase is more descriptive and appealing than just landscaper, dog beds, pet food, or lawyer; complementary terms help focus attention to specific searches that are done.

Having good results in search engine optimization is challenging work – and will only get more complex as Google keeps fine-tuning its search algorithms. Learn how to find and use keywords effectively to keep up with Google’s latest behavioral changes – and avoid having a poorly constructed and optimized website that is nothing but an unfocused blur on the internet!

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