Another year has come and gone and with a new one quickly approaching, it is time to look at all the changes happening in digital marketing to plan out the next year’s best digital marketing strategy.

With so many more people relying on the internet for their shopping considering the challenges we have all faced in 2020, being at the top of the SERPs in 2021 is more important than ever.

To achieve that, marketers can put these great tips to use to gain digital dominance in the coming year!

1. Voice Search Optimization

Now, more than ever, mobile-friendliness and voice search are critical for successful digital marketing.

With more people than ever before doing a great deal of their business and shopping online and more personal devices that can utilize voice search, more people are doing it.

Failing to optimize to be found this way could leave your websites out of the SERPs when users search this way.

2. Social Media Activity

Every successful digital marketing strategy must include social media, since this is how awareness is spread and many sales are made, and keeping social media pages active is the key.

Constant updates made with engaging, user-friendly, and interesting content will keep a brand in front of people’s eyes and increase shares.

Figure out which social media sites are most beneficial for each company and concentrate on those rather than spreading things too thin on a lot of less important sites.

3. Work On Brand Building

Do something that will get your brand noticed.

Digital marketers need to follow competitor brands and see how they are handling their promotion and what is working for them, then do something better.

For anyone to remember a brand, it needs to stand out in some way.

Make 2021 the year of turning your brand into a recognized name among the competition.

4. Rank On Google Maps

For companies that do business locally, ranking on Google Maps is another critical digital marketing strategy.

Combined with voice search and other SEO strategies, having your business show up on the map when searchers are looking for something local can draw in a lot of business.

If you are not on the map, you are being overlooked while others get all the sales.

5. Create “How To” Content

Great content is what will keep people coming back; that never changes; however, creating the right content is always the challenge for digital marketers.

Some of the more viewed and clicked content these days is “How To” manuals, blog posts, and videos.

Find a way to create some “How-Tos” that relate to the business and its customers and keep interest up by posting it to social media.

6. Killer Headlines Rule

Along with using the words “How To” in a headline, use other interest-gathering phrases to keep the traffic coming in and keep people engaged.

“Top” lists are popular traffic-generating topics with killer headlines, as are headlines that ask a question (Are You Doing This?), give a warning directive (Do Not Make This Mistake), plus headlines that help users solve a problem.

7. Do Not Forget The Essential Basics

In addition to these mentioned tips for search engine success, do not forget the essential basics that all digital marketing methods rely on.

From using the right keywords, semantic keywords, and long-tailed keywords to constantly working to improve the user experience on websites, these factors will always work toward better optimization and higher page rank.

Other things that can help a brand achieve better ranking are strong, creative backlink building, guest posting on other important websites, and good reputation management.

Dominate Digitally in 2021 With These Effective Tips

Competing online never gets any easier for businesses, only more challenging.

As 2021 rolls in, marketers must be up to the challenge with digital marketing strategies that will make a major difference in getting a company noticed.

The right digital marketing plan will ensure a prosperous new year for all!

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