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Staying ahead of the competition is critical for a local business, as every new click or call could mean another sale. One of the more effective marketing strategies to help a local business do just that is with online paid advertising that utilizes PPC services. Pay per call and pay per click ads bring customers directly to you making their search more convenient and fruitful.

Why Is PPC Great for Your Local Business?

There is more to effective online marketing than simply placing paid ads on the web. Today’s customers have become more mobile, something that local business owners can utilize. With pay per call ads, local businesses can see a great return on their investment by being where their customers are, which is on their phones.

A quick call made on the go allows customers to ask questions and find what they need quickly, more so than pay per click ads, which can be equally as effective on a desktop. Research shows PPC services have a higher conversion rate than most other local advertising, bringing in more interested leads that result in sales.

How Can You Increase Your Call Conversions?

As effective as they are, PPC services do not work on their own without a good plan. Improve your chance of turning a lead into a conversion by observing the following tips for effective pay per call ad campaigns:

  • Understand the Importance of Phone Calls - You must understand just how important phone calls are to conversions when you are spending money on paid advertising. Your local marketing campaigns need to focus on pay per call as opposed to pay per click, since local searchers are most likely looking for you on their mobile device. Give them the easiest way to find you with the right type of mobile advertising that connects them fast.
  • Create Great Landing Pages - Attract your target users with optimized landing pages that clearly describe what you offer and prompt them with a bold call to action. For mobile campaigns, make sure any call to action includes an obvious call link to provide instant answers for searchers with questions or who want buy something.
  • Track Your Phone Leads - Most users who take the time to respond to an ad and place a call are at least somewhat interested in what you have to offer. Track your phone leads to learn more about the source of your incoming calls, what type of customer is contacting you, and what they actually want. Use this critical information to fine-tune your advertising campaigns. Your calls are more likely to lead to an actual conversion and your paid advertising budget will be more wisely spent.

The key to staying on top of the competition in a local market lies in part with giving customers the easiest way to find you and contact your business to satisfy their needs. In this age of Mobile First marketing, one of the best ways to do this is with PPC services. When used appropriately with campaigns designed for both mobile and desktop viewers, optimized pay per click and pay per call ads can help you reach interested audiences. These leads are more likely to become actual conversions than those generated from most other types of local paid advertising!

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