The main purpose of your business website is do more than just introduce your business to customers and state your company’s message; your website should also generate leads and then convert them.

A great looking site means nothing if it doesn’t turn visitors into actual sales.

That’s why it’s so important to understand the way lead generation marketing works and have a good strategy for getting and converting leads.

What Is The Intent of Lead Generation?

Lead generation doesn’t stop with organic search.

It has to be effective enough to draw in users most likely to convert and then help them to actually do so.

Consider these critical lead-converting elements when planning your strategy so your marketing dollar works harder at getting you more business!

Use Landing Pages to Generate Leads

Among all the ways to generate organic leads to your company website, landing pages are highly effective in every way.

These mini-website pages can be tailored to specific keywords and audiences so they show up in organic search more frequently than your main website does.

Home and Services pages serve a purpose; however, they seldom if ever make a sale.

Instead, landing pages are a prime marketing tool used by marketing services to attract high-quality leads to your business website.

Of course, it's important to understand that once users have clicked in, it’s up to your website to take those leads and turn them into actual conversions.

Convert Those Leads With Effective Website Design

Getting a user to your website with a great lead generating landing page is only half the battle.

You also need those leads to convert, so your lead generation marketing plan must address how well your website convinces interested users to commit all the way.

Some of the critical website elements that promote lead conversion once your landing page has generated those leads and brought users to the site include:

  • Conversion-Focused Design - Short-but-concise product or services pages that get right to the point, utilize consistent messaging, and include headlines that direct a user to where they can make a purchase is the right way to a solution.
  • Optimized User-Friendly Design - Pages should load quickly, include optimized images and media plus other elements of conversion-focused design, and have an easy navigation system that won’t cause users to get lost and forget what they came to do in the first place.
  • Obvious and Clear CTAs - CTAs or Call to Actions must be easily found on landing pages and web pages alike using unique design and clear messages that prompt action so there is no question about what they should do to keep moving through the website.
  • Easy Forms and Email Submission - If conversion involves filling out a form or submitting an email address, the website should contain short, clear, and simple-to-use forms that work correctly and make submitting information easy.
  • Trust Signs and Social Proof - Social proof in the form of customer reviews and testimonials and trust signs like encryption, certifications, and others are critical elements that positively impact conversion rates as well as give users a reason to trust your company and feel comfortable converting.
  • Engaging, Informative, Helpful Content - Besides the landing pages and conversion pages, include information users want to see about your business including an About page, easy contact information, and a blog for delivering interesting and informative posts about topics your target users will relate to.

Turn Your Website Into A Lead Converting Machine

A website that doesn’t convert leads is one that is not helping your business succeed and grow.

Turn yours into a conversion machine using effective lead generation strategy services that begin with effective, optimized landing pages and finish with a website that uses successful lead generating techniques.

In doing so, your landing pages will attract users who are most interested in what you have to offer them and will easily continue their journey to completing their final purchase or conversion!

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