Most of the time, a doorway is a good thing; now Google is advising that a website doorway pages will likely reduce traffic and ranking. An improved algorithm to detect repetitive doorway pages is yet another of Google’s plans over the next several weeks (along with their already significant release to detect mobile-friendly websites). Any website using doorway pages is going to feel the proverbial SEO pinch. So all you owners and designers using this tactic to gain the Texas need to go back to the drawing board and rethink this approach.

What Are Doorway Pages?

Doorway pages are web pages designed specifically to rank for individual keywords and contain very little usable content, other than maybe a link to another page or website. These pages are usually created in multiples, with each web page designed around a specific keyword and location and then SEO-optimized for the best ranking that will lead viewers to the actual website they represent.

Generally, there little actual information on a doorway page; a calls-to-action button is common; any information provided is repeated on every other page changing on the keyword and the location. Experienced SEO companies say doorway pages are usually unreachable through normal site navigation and only appear in search results as links to the main site.

Why Are They A Search Problem?

While a doorway page can help bring more people to a website, Google has noted a number of negative effects that occur in search results due to the use of these pages. Most importantly, Google now sees these repetitive, keyword-purposed SEO web pages as a funnel which artificially creates website traffic by flooding that keyword with hundreds of pages that all lead a user to that one website.

This may a great way for a website to gain the best SEO in College Station Texas; however, for a user this only keeps directing them back to the same website they have already seen – and rejected as being useful to them. It keeps search engine ranking pages artificially loaded with basically duplicate content, preventing other websites from ranking. Sure, it is good for the website putting up all these doorway pages; it is not so good for websites getting lower in the ranking results because of such an effort. This is Google’s main concern with doorway pages and the main reason why new algorithm releases will start to penalize these pages.

Since Google has warned that doorway pages will be viewed in a very negative SEO sense, website owners must take this as a warning and do away with them before suffering a great loss of optimization.

Over the past few years, the primary goal of Google has been to provide great content to its users as well as to encourage fair optimization practices. This intent to penalize doorway pages should really come as no great surprise. To retain high rankings and continue with the best SEO in College Station Texas once this change is implemented, it is time to say goodbye to doorway pages and design a website to rank on its own good merits!

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