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Just when we all thought internet marketing could not get any more creative, Google surprised us again by adding a new, fun search feature. There is a search function that enables users to hear animal noises.

While this may not be anything groundbreaking or relevant for many internet marketing companies, some could use this feature in creative ways, especially with campaigns for children’s pages or companies. It also provides a good demonstration of Google’s smarter, more conversational search capabilities that can be used to improve all types of online marketing campaigns.

What Does An Elephant Sound Like?

Unrealized by many, Google added an “animal noises” feature to its search algorithm over a year ago, much to the surprise of internet marketing specialists and techies. Most people think it is a cute feature but find little use for it other than its ability to distract them from more pressing concerns for a few minutes.

The feature has even been reported by many tech and online marketing websites, probably due to its novelty that doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose. The animal noises "easter egg" from Google is cute and possibly useful as a children's learning tool but not for much else, at least on the surface.

All About Google Animal Noises

Exactly how does the animal noises feature work? It is really pretty simple and works in two ways that internet marketing companies are familiar with:

  • Keyword Search - By typing the phrase “animal noises” or “animal sounds” into the browser search box, Google will bring up a results box at the top, where the featured snippet usually sits with a content carousel. Users can scroll through the carousel and click on any of the pictured animals to hear its sounds through desktop speakers or any mobile device. It also works when typing "elephant sound” and other related keyword combinations.
  • Query Search - The second way to access the content carousel is with a conversational query. Users can type in their question such as “what does an elephant sound like?” and similarly phrased questions. Google will bring up the carousel with the elephant at the top of the box and also in the carousel with other options. With a click, users can hear the elephant.

There are currently a total of 21 animals in the animal sounds carousel. These include an elephant, cat, dog, pig, turkey, horse, cow, duck, rooster, sheep, lion, tiger, zebra, monkey, moose, wolf, owl, raccoons, and even a turtle, humpback whale, and bowhead whale.

What Can Internet Marketers Take from “Animal Noises”?

The animal noises function is enjoyable; however, it does not present any new ideas to online marketing that internet marketing companies have not already known about. It does offer a great example of how the search algorithm has become more functional and will work with both keyword and query search.

So the next time internet marketing gurus need a little lighthearted fun, Google’s animal noises search function could provide a few minutes of stress relief. It might also offer a quick case study on how internet marketing companies can fine-tune content for better searching. Generally speaking, animal noises is just a novel little addition to the search to make using Google a bit more fun for kids and online marketing specialists alike!

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