The many changes that Google has made to its algorithms in the last year, have many companies that use SEO as part of their marketing campaign expecting that SEO is a thing of the past. Others argue the exact opposite, and that it is all in how these changes are viewed. Need for adaptation should come as no surprise to anyone, especially when Google is focusing on more abstract ideas like quality of content and user experience. The best SEO consultants remind that content is king, but helping users find and use that content is still essential. SEO techniques are still, and will always be relevant in how they improve content and website user experience, which equates to better page rank.

Important Relationship Between Content and SEO

Content may be Google’s king of page rank, but without SEO, that content is not nearly as valuable as it could be. There are many reasons for this, but they all fall within a basic idea. SEO provides the best ways to get content to targeted audiences, and without it, even great websites can fail to deliver. This is why it is essential for content creators and SEO consultants and marketers to work together, and have an understanding of what the other is doing, and how. Even the greatest content cannot suffice on its own without some kind of marketing.

SEO Concepts that Improve Content

When creating the most rank-worthy content, creators have to consider certain SEO concepts, such as the following, to succeed:

  • Links - Links are an important part of content creation that helps SEO, especially internal and inbound links. Even more important today is the fact that browsers, such as Google, monitor incoming links, and keep track of those link profiles. Too many incoming links originating from junk websites, or efforts of past link-building that now lead to nowhere, and Google may penalize the site. Attracting high quality links and preventing, or acting to remove low quality ones is still an important idea in content creation and SEO. Site audits to check for bad links, and taking efforts to remove them, is recommended.
  • Online Presence - Another great way to boost the effect that great content has is by upholding a strong online presence in general. This means active use of important social media, and getting a brand’s name and content seen in a variety of ways. Links from social pages to websites help increase exposure, thereby improving SEO. Reviews and other user-generated content is another good way for a brand to escalate both their exposure and SEO.
  • Page Errors - Errors in page content and html code are notorious for being sneaky destroyers of SEO. As part of the website monitoring process, the best SEO consultants should be proofing not only site content, but also code, to ensure there are no critical errors or other hard to find problems that cause penalties and work against the creation of great content.
  • Understand SEO in General - Besides the above points, a great understanding of SEO in general, and how various aspects of content creation can be positively affected by SEO is essential. From formatting and keyword marketing to media optimization and the proper site navigation, all of these concepts classify as SEO topics even though they are used during site design and content creation. Content must always be produced thinking in terms of how SEO will apply to it, enabling both ideas to work together.

Even though Google now touts its latest algorithm changes as favoring content and user experience, content is still highly affected by tried and true SEO methods such as quality links, important formatting, and other marketing techniques. Content alone will not build SEO. Taking a hint from the best SEO consultants and continuing to recognize the relationship between content and SEO marketing is essential in the creation of a great website!

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