The main purpose that your website serves is to generate leads that will hopefully turn into conversions.

Yet not all potential clients are created equally, so how can you structure your lead marketing to bring in more qualified potential clients who are more likely to convert?

Follow these great tips on how to bring in lots of potential clients the way professional marketing services do!

1. Start With the Right Website Design

Before you think about anything else, be sure you’re starting with a user-friendly, optimized, responsive website design that’s also mobile-friendly as that is how you can please both users and Google’s search algorithm.

It’s challenging enough to contend with your competitors in lead generation; don’t be unnecessarily forced to also contend with a website that doesn’t work well for you right out of the starting gate.

2. Use Optimized and Targeted Landing Pages

Targeted, well-optimized landing pages are a lead marketer’s best friend.

A single page that functions as both a promotional piece and link to the main website is the characteristics of a good landing page that allows you to target individual keywords to attract users interested in that particular keyword.

Used by the dozens or hundreds, landing pages are a highly effective tool to attract quality leads through organic search and guide them to the right spot on your website where they are most likely to convert by taking the next step.

3. Use Forms Effectively

Signup forms are a great way to collect leads from those who have an interest in whatever the website is offering.

Make them simple and put them on the landing pages that get a large amount of traffic to increase the number of signups you get.

Do a site audit to see where your traffic is coming from and what pages are most visited.

Wherever your visitors are coming from, whether it’s social media, email marketing, or your own blog posts, continue to include content that directs users to those traffic-heavy pages where the forms are located - or put a lead form in a side bar on the landing pages.

4. Use CTAs Effectively

A well-planned CTA is another key component to get results from your lead collecting effort.

Beyond the obvious CTAs that you’ll include on the landing pages and specific website pages, put them in places where organic traffic can see them also.

Add a simple personalized CTA to the homepage asking for a signup or offering a free trial, a free report, or some other benefit as the first step toward generating higher-quality leads from individuals who found the website through a means other than the landing pages or any paid advertising.

5. Include Both Ungated and Gated Content

Free content is great for the user; however, it leaves no incentive for them to sign up nor does putting content behind a content wall or gate, as this can turn users away from the website.

A great strategy to attract actual interested potential clients is to offer some of both: provide lots of ungated pages to give users an idea of the type of content found through your organization but keep the best of it gated and accessible only after a signup.

Generally, only people who really want to see what’s there are going to make the effort to sign up.

6. Offer More Specific Freebies

Freebies are great for lead generation; however, it’s important to understand the type of leads you’re likely to bring in based on what you’re giving away.

Generic freebies are great for building mailing lists.

If you want to increase the number of higher-quality leads from users with actual interest in certain topics or with certain needs, get a little more specific.

Offer related white papers and reports on certain landing pages or at the end of specific blog posts to convert those who have read the pages and found value.

Offer them more of what they visited that page for and not just a generic one-size-fits-all freebie.

7. Optimize and Nurture

Keep all parts of the conversion path optimized for SEO and targeting, from the landing pages and Thank You pages, all the way to the signup kickback emails.

Personalize where it’s possible and include obvious CTAs as well.

Once you’ve collected some customer contacts, attract them by continuing to provide emails with informative content, special offers, and additional freebies.

Grow your sales opportunities by measuring each landing and website page’s conversion rates using web monitoring tools and by comparing highly performing pages with barely performing pages.

Get More Qualified Potential Customers

It’s easy to amass a huge mailing list full of prospects generated through advertising or offering the typical freebie; however, that huge list of names may not offer you much in the way of conversions if they are low-quality leads.

A highly effective way to increase conversions is to use lead generation marketing ideas that appeal to those who are more interested in what you’re offering and know it will solve their problem.

Use these tips to hone in on those users and see your conversion rate rise!

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