An effective AdWords remarketing management strategy that has been greatly underused by many marketing firms is remarketing lists for search ads or RLSA.

This technique addresses the idea that keywords alone are no longer the only means of targeting your audience today.

Using RLSA as a part of remarketing services, you can successfully target more users who are closer to converting than those targeted by tracking keyword searches alone.

What Are RLSA's?

Remarketing lists for search ads is an AdWords feature that lets remarketing services target users based on their past actions.

The function tracks users who have visited your website or app as well as the pages they visited so they can be retargeted later.

RLSA's perform differently than normal display ad retargeting because the feature only serves ads to users on the list who are actively searching with specific keywords, not just any keywords when browsing.

Why Use RLSA's?

The biggest benefit you can gain using RLSAs is the ability to follow and reach a more fine-tuned audience of users who really want to buy from you.

Because the feature tracks cookies and then shows ads to those same users while actively searching Google, the lists are extremely helpful in other aspects of remarketing management, including keyword bidding.

With greater knowledge of the terms that previous website visitors are using to search, you can tailor your ad campaigns to find those same users when they are more likely to convert.

How Do You Implement RLSA's in AdWords?

Putting RLSA's to work in your remarketing campaigns is actually a lot easier than it sounds.

In just a few simple steps, you can activate this feature in your AdWords program and start retargeting the users who are most likely to convert and become customers:

  1. Update Your Website Cookie Policy - AdWords requires you to inform users that you are using cookies to track them as part of your remarketing services.
  2. Put the AdWords Remarketing Code on Your Website - In order to track your users, you must generate a tracking code in AdWords and then paste it into each page on your website.
  3. Set Up RLSA Lists - Name and set up different lists to track different audiences within your remarketing management campaigns when they visit your website or use your app. Assign those lists to specific search campaign ad groups. You can also set up negative lists that signal which users not to include in these lists to prevent targeting undesired users.
  4. Adjust Your AdWords Bids - Once your lists begin tracking users, use that information to increase or decrease your keyword bids. Your AdWords budget will go further by allowing you to reach the most focused users more easily.

So are you ready to try remarketing lists for search ads?

As with other marketing strategies, you will need to do some testing with it; however, it can dramatically improve the results that remarketing services get from their campaigns.

RLSA's should become an essential part of skillful remarketing management so you find interested users and convert them!

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