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The goal of internet marketing is to find the best ways to expose content to interested viewers and encourage them to convert. Every internet marketing business knows about Call to Actions; however, they need to be used differently depending on where they appear. Blog posts typically use end copy CTAs, yet internet marketing companies may want to think twice about where to use a Call to Action in these posts. Linking them to anchor text is likely to generate more leads.

End Copy CTAs in Blog Posts

Blog postings are information based, containing more text than online ads and in a less promotional fashion. For these posts to also work as part of an internet marketing campaign, it is important to include either a link that leads to a landing page or a click to call number. These links have typically appeared at the bottom of the page, creating a nice ending to the blog post. The idea is the viewer reads the content, decides they are interested, and then clicks the link to continue to the landing page or to contact the business.

Unfortunately, while these links should not be discontinued, most of the time they are not very effective. Based on research by internet marketing companies, it has been estimated that only 6 percent of all conversions occur through CTAs at the bottom of the page. The main reason for this is that most readers do not actually make it to the end of the page to click the CTA. Those who do tend to bounce to the next page they need, completely ignoring the links at the bottom of the page.

Increased Results with Relevant Anchor Text CTAs

Considering the fact that over 90 percent of all end copy CTAs on blog posts go unseen, adding the Call to Action within the copy can produce much better results. When linked to relevant anchor text like important keywords, these CTAs provide a link directly to what the reader is looking for before they scroll down the page or simply scan and then click off.

Interested readers may read some of the post, yet never reach the CTA after the end copy. Well-positioned anchor text links appearing near the top and throughout the copy are more noticeable. Simply stated, readers are more likely to click a keyword CTA within the copy than they are to even know an end copy click to call number or CTA exists. Based on this finding, an internet marketing business should use both types of CTAs in blog posts.

Relevancy Is Everything

Even though anchor text CTAs in blog postings can be more effective than those placed at the end of the post, anchoring to the right text is critical in order to obtain the best results. It involves much more than simply tossing keywords into copy and using them as anchor text links. Keyword research and audience targeting play a key role in both internet marketing to get the reader to the blog and to predict which terms and phrases are likely to generate a click with those audiences.

The content in the post must be relevant, offering quality information that convinces a reader that by clicking the CTA, their problem can be solved. All other SEO and SEM techniques still apply that an internet marketing business normally uses to create quality, relevant blog posts and generate the most organic traffic.

Before deciding that a click to call CTA at the end of a blog post is sufficient, internet marketing companies must consider just how little attention these links actually get. While end copy CTAs are important and should remain in that position, an internet marketing business needs to utilize relevant anchor text CTAs. Proven to be more effective in getting readers to convert, anchor text Calls to Action can improve results obtained from internet marketing with blogs!

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