Is Your Website Ready For New Google Image Search Filters?

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Image search has quickly become another important factor in website SEO. As Google continually improves its capabilities, SEO specialists find that optimized, searchable images are becoming yet another way for people to find your website.

Image search is even more convenient now with the addition of new search filters that make it easier to find relevant photos, illustrations, and other files.

If you have not already done so, you must add image optimization to your SEO management to ensure your site is totally searchable.

Google Adds New Image Filters

Image search has been available with Google for quite some time. By searching under the image tab on Google’s browser page, you are served relevant photos, clipart, animations, and more. This can be viewed individually or by going directly to the web page on which the file appears. Some minor filtering capabilities were always available; however, a search often produced a wide variety of results based on how well each image was optimized for SEO.

There are more ways for users to filter their searches to find exactly what they want. The recent addition of image type, color, and upload date filters to the search give users a greater ability to narrow down their criteria to generate more fine-tuned results.

There are now filters to find photos according to usage license and image size, along with the search suggestions that Google automatically provides at the top of the search page. These filters make searching easier and more convenient for users. They also highlight the importance of SEO management that includes effective image labeling.

How the New Filters Affect Your Website

Image optimization is often a forgotten part of website SEO. It is a technique that skilled SEO specialists know is an important part of an effective marketing campaign. If your images are well optimized, they are more likely to come up early in an image search that serves the user and provides an essential means for them to reach your page. If your images are not well optimized according to how Google’s search works, they may not come up at all.

Considering this, the addition of these newer filters to Google’s image search makes effective optimization even more critical than it was before. Ranking with these new filter capabilities means improving SEO management to include more detailed image optimization.

Optimizing for Google’s New Image Filters

Fortunately, SEO specialists are finding it relatively easy to optimize photos and graphics to be easily found with the new filters. All you must do is consider what additional keywords will make your image searchable with the various filters and include them in your titles and alt-text.

When a user searches for an image and narrows their results by using a color or any other filter, your images that match or relate to that search criteria will be shown. Essentially, you must give your images more descriptive keywords that are relevant to the new filters to increase association.

In the ongoing effort to increase website exposure and improve page rank, image optimization has become another effective way to boost SEO. With Google’s more specific filters, users can narrow down their search to find more relevant results.

Make sure your SEO management accounts for this important change by reviewing your image labeling formula. SEO specialists recommend carefully reviewing the new filters, then adding the keywords your images need so they can be found in both general and filtered searches!

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