Social media has become essential for many companies, not just for creating the best SEO. It is also great exposure for a business, a great way to bring customers to business websites. While the social platform itself is not actually built for sales, a few social media sites stand out how much attention they get – and that can result in more sales. Facebook and Pinterest are the two biggest social sites a company should include in their social media marketing campaigns; however, each needs to be approached in a different way. Although Pinterest may seem more of buyer website, recent studies show that Facebook users are actually converting more sales.

Why Are Facebook and Pinterest Important?

Facebook has been a business social media staple for some time, simply because it is the primary social website that most people and companies use. Yet, Pinterest is very quickly becoming another Facebook and Twitter that companies need to notice. While all three are equally important in social media marketing efforts, they each play a different role in generating user interest, SEO, and eventual sales leads. Even though these three sites are must-have social media, a business must understand where the bulk of their sales leads are coming from and why.

How Do Facebook and Pinterest Work With E-commerce?

Both Facebook and Pinterest can help companies with their social media marketing campaign and help increase sales. Users can “share” with their followers, followers can see what others are sharing, and a business can target advertising to specific audiences for maximum exposure. Although Facebook has regular advertising campaigns, Pinterest also has ways for a company to be noticed, by highlighting boards and pins to audiences based on what they are pinning. In either case, a business can promote itself, attract followers, and interact similarly on both websites. This will drive interest in their page and profile, while sending viewers to the company’s website, which is where sales happen.

Recently, both Facebook and Pinterest have announced future implementation of “buy buttons.” This is likely to increase both sites effectiveness for an ecommerce business, as viewers can buy without having to leave the social site.

Why Does Facebook Sell More Than Pinterest?

Despite the similarities, Facebook is better when it comes to amount of sales generated. The reason is simple – Facebook has been doing this longer than Pinterest, although Pinterest audiences are significantly increasing and has proven itself to be a great site to promote e-commerce. There are billions more Facebook users, meaning that even though Pinterest might be a good venue for those who will buy through them, Facebook still reaches exponentially more people and has higher conversions. Facebook wins by sheer volume alone – a formidable social media sales giant compared to Pinterest. Although Pinterest shouldn’t be ignored, the bottom line is that sales are coming via Facebook – at least for now.

While both Facebook and Pinterest are crucial tools to be included in any social media marketing plan, business owners must understand where to focus their efforts to where the greatest return can be found. Currently, Facebook is still champion when it comes to driving website traffic and e-commerce in general. With the addition of new buy buttons – this could change. All of the social sites should be carefully watched; however, focusing on Facebook is still the best tactic right now for most businesses!

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