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Link building is one of the primary elements of every SEO campaign and an important part of creating a successful website. Google judges the importance and validity of your website in part based upon the number, type, and quality of links it has. You work hard to attract and construct links that build your site’s value. The problem is, you may be making simple mistakes that can negatively affect your efforts.

If you are in search of SEO help to improve your page rank, make sure you are doing your link building the way professional SEO firms advise it should be done.

Choose the Right Anchor Text

Choosing the right anchor text for your internal and outbound links is one of the most important decisions you must make to get maximum benefit from them. There are many types of anchor text you can use to help improve your SEO including exact match and partial match text, naked URLs, brand names, and LSI keyword variations.

While it used to be acceptable to link directly to exact match keywords, Google now penalizes this practice. The best choice for effective anchor text that will be most easily recognized by search engines is to choose words and phrases that seem natural.

SEO firms tend to see better results when using a mixture of branded text and naked URLs, along with LSI generic and topical text, along with a few instances of exact matching. This formula creates the most natural result and gets more positive attention from Google.

Linking to Social Media and Directories

When seeking SEO help through link building, chances are you have been told that you should never link to two things:  directories and social media accounts. Although this is still somewhat true in reference to junk directories and certain types of social media, correct linking to certain directories and social media can be beneficial. Once again, the difference lies in the quality of the link.

A link to or from an active and important social media account that has a large number of followers or from a reputable directory site can do just as much for your SEO as one from any other reputable website. You must gauge the value and reputation of the individual account and decide accordingly.

More Is Not Always Better

Attracting high-quality backlinks is not easy, as most SEO firms can tell you. Fortunately, all it takes is a few high-quality links to and from your page to improve the value of your page as well as your page rank. An excessive number of lower quality incoming links could even be detrimental to your SEO if they cause search algorithms to relate your site to those lower quality sites.

The best SEO help to attract a few important inbound links is to improve your content. The more valuable and relevant your content, the more likely you are to attract links from other valuable and relevant websites.

Google’s algorithms interpret the internal, outbound, and inbound links on your site in different ways to gauge its value and how to rank your pages. To build SEO so your site receives greater consideration, SEO firms stress the value of correct link building practices. When you need SEO help with your linking strategies, these three ideas may be all you need to improve your page rank!

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