SEO is an essential part of online marketing, and something that most businesses cannot do without. Still, do not be fooled into thinking that the most common SEO techniques are all there is. To generate the best SEO there is much more to it than the right keywords and meta-tags. To have the best SEO, and dominate the SERPs, demands using other less common techniques that play an important part in getting critical brand exposure and website recognition, along with using the proper keywords and meta-tags.

Be Recognizable

Having a name that is recognizable among competitors is essential to get the best rankings, and for many reasons. Notable brand names generate their own SEO simply by being recognizable. When this combines with the best SEO and other important methods, businesses can monopolize the first page of the SERPs!

Be Newsworthy

Google News links now occupy the top part of SERPs for many search queries, bringing more attention to those links within the "In the News" link box. This is a great way for businesses to gain recognition in the SERPs. Yet there is a catch, businesses must submit their sites to be crawled, and websites must meet certain eligibility requirements to be accepted.

Be Linkable

Google now provides a box of sitelinks under the main search results, for brand name searches. These links allow users to go to a specific page directly from the SERPs. Sitelinks appear when Google finds links within a site that are relevant to the search. Although there is little control over what links show up, with the right attention to SEO detail, a company can increase the chance that their site will get a search box, and their most important links will appear within it.

Be Searchable

Just like the sitelinks box in the SERPs, it is possible to get a search box in the main search results, as well. This enables users to search a website right from the SERPs, increasing the chance that the right users will come to the site, increasing SEO and UX levels in the process. Search boxes can be installed with a simple Schema markup.

Be Knowledgeable

Google’s Knowledge Graph now posts detailed information about a brand or person in an information box at the upper right of the SERPs, at least for brands that are notable. Yet, smaller businesses are increasingly being recognized. Having a Wikipedia page is one of the best ways to increase the chance of earning an information box in the SERPs.

Be Sociable

Google is now recognizing more and more social feeds than ever before. Today, it is very common for Tweets, videos, and status updates to show up in the SERPs. Because of this, a business needs to have a social media page on important sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any other relevant social network, and use these pages frequently. Posting images on both social media sites and websites also increases the ability to be searched, along with what could show up in the SERPs.

Be Locatable

Of major importance to any company doing business locally is to always claim their "Google My Business" listings, and ensure that Google Maps listings are correct. Keep all listing information uniform with all other website information and completely fill these listings out. Between being able to be located, and inviting local reviews by claiming these listings so they are more prominent, a business gains recognition by users and by Google to increase their appearance in SERPs.

It is important to realize that the best SEO does not stop at effective website design and the typical optimization techniques. While the above-mentioned ideas are not always a guarantee, by including these items in any marketing campaign, a business is sure to improve their page rank and obtain the best SEO. To dominate the Page One rankings, website marketing gurus need to think outside of the standard SEO box by including these other important elements!

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